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The ability to share troops

Just had a suggestion I hope can be taken into consideration. I was thinking since this game is heavily card/troop based that it would be a great idea to implement some kind of trading option in the game. Say trading troops with other people in your guild. I love the game a lot but sometimes have trouble obtaining certain troop cards for ascension. If anyone else thinks this would be a great idea or has any thoughts on it just reply!


i bet the 50 gem class change will be dropped before card trading happens



Yeah probably but I just think it would be a cool feature they should look into.

This comes up every now and then. Here is one relatively recent discussion on the subject:

However, yes, I think the likelihood of such a feature ever being implemented is about as close to zero as rounding error gets. Even if we were to get trading as a feature, the cost/limitations involved will almost definitely be designed to make nobody happy.


One thing I could see happening (because other gacha games do it frequently) is the ability to use a “friend’s” troop (possibly hero, possibly entire team) in some sort of limited use capacity (ie., once per day). These systems are generally designed with multiple purposes - to give players an additional reason to form social connections, which is often which keeps them more attached to a game; to give the player a taste of a certain level of power so they aspire to gain the power for themselves; and to smooth over certain rough patches with getting out of the “beginner game” with newer players in a game that has been around a while, accelerating them the “early midgame” treadmill where the bulk of the game’s content is and things go from “impossible” to “struggle” for many beginners, making impulse purchases more attractive.

Of course, we don’t even have friends lists, and even the “coming soon” that sat there for almost two years got removed, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on this, either. Plus, the technical limitations of a single use troop sounds like a nightmare with the way everything is currently designed (an entire team, maybe less so, depending on the implementation).


I can recall playing games Ike that and truth be told that would still be a cool feature to have. I love the game a lot but sometimes it comes off a little stale. I just think they could stand to add a few newer features whatever they maybe to somehow obtain those missing troops you need to ascend rather then rely on luck.

Thanks for the reply I’m not really on the forum so I didn’t know others had similar ideas :ok_hand:

I bet they’ll even give us 50 gems for changing classes before card trading happens. However, they could add some “Rent a Troop” feature, fully unlock a troop for a limited duration. Could be a cash shop option, an event reward, a guild gifting feature, a way to let us play with toys that can’t be obtained permanently at all.

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