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Add trading between guild members

Trading would allow for guilds members to collaborate, and strengthen the guilds. This help as some members could trade for things they don’t have like high tier creatures and the constantly increasing number of pets.

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EDIT: A few limitations could be they have to have the same base rarity, and you have to have at least one duplicate of the creature/pet

This is coming in 3.6 I believe

Really, I didn’t know if this was actually going to happen. After all, I only waited for something like this for a while. I would have made this topic sooner but I just joined the forums.

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I don’t know for sure but, I heard something about it. So just in case don’t give your hopes up

I don’t give up easily. They would literally have to say it’s not going to happen, and even then I would probably still keep pushing it because I’m sure everyone has something they want and a guild member has a spare on them.

That would be a great addition to the game, I’d be up for that

Thanks for your opinion, and I hope more join the trading parade.

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I highly doubt this will ever happen. This would allow players to buy cards from other players with real money


Not buying creatures from other players, but instead trading a creature/per of the same base rarity. This would stop people from trading something like a peasant for Zuul Goth, or other “end-game” troops.

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I started a Poll about this issue.

There are troops you can obtain easily, such as the ones we can get in the current weekly packs, that could be sold and traded in guilds people could create for the sole purppose of inviting the buyers to make a trade for some troop they want once they have paid the RL price. That would be a very easy setup.

Sorry still won’t ever happen.

Yis! Someone please give me 5 stonehammers!

Why would you need 5 stonehammers jzg? Besides Ghaleon you can’t say for sure, and it may appear in a future date. Razzagor has a interesting point, but the people buying said troops most likely want them for self gain, because no one is going to spend like $60 per person in a guild. There is also a reason for the “Same base rarity” .

There is no need for it. There are many ways to get the troop you want with the soulforge especially.

Other means are vip keys and event keys during a specific event.

This would also make path to glory packs essentially worthless which the devs are trying to sell for real money.

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I’m sorry that not every can afford to put well over a 100 REAL dollars into a free-to-play game, and then put 1000+ gems into chests very week. Also, not everyone has the time to build up the resources to build the creatures, because they have to take a break every now and then.
As for th packs, they are up to the player on whether or not they get bought, which wouldn’t make them worthless.

I personally really like the idea. It would really improve the guilds, not just in terms of strengthening guild wars, but also strengthen the bond within the guild.
HOWEVER, won’t happen for reasons listed above. Game still needs to make money…

Exactly why this will never work, a free to play game has to make money.

Anywho I’ve said my piece on why this will never happen.

It’s nice how you are looking at just the packs because the developers are getting money from the gems that thousands of people are buying in the shop alongside the people who will still buy the growth packs, regardless of the ways they could obtain legendaries and mythics.