Monster Card Trading


It’d be cool if we could trade monster cards so people can try and get the complete set of monsters available without having to go through a ridiculous amount of repeats of monsters via keys. I’ve had so-called ‘ultra rares’ repeat on me via keys. So not that rare!

I use PS4 version btw.


A trading system would be cool. I agree with you.


From what I understand in 1.0.8 version copies of monsters will be a good thing to have (for some kind of fusions). Let’s just hope that version will come really soon :smile:


From my experince most (if not all) mobile card games are CCGs, not TCGs, meaning card trading is never intended to be a feature.


Sid, I don’t know what CCGs means but it’s not a suggestion to turn it into a TCG, just have the option so people can get all the monster cards available. For those who like to be 100% in games.


CCG = Collectible Card Game
TCG = Trading Card Game

It is basically the same concept like a TCG but without the trading ^^
Don’t know where this trend came from. I am not defending it, I am merely sharing my experience.


Well, if CCG is what this allegedly is I can’t see how much different it would be to a TCG.

If indeed fusion is coming then that’s better but I didn’t know about that, so if it isn’t coming I think trading option would be good.


It is coming, you’ll need multiple of a troop to fuse and upgrade it to higher rarity. And making it a TCG isn’t in game owners best interest, since money flow would probably drop a lot. Every player has a way to get every single card in the game without paying a cent, so you just need to play more to get more. Enter a good guild that completes quests every day, once the keys and gems start drooping in your pocket without much effort you’ll see how easy it is to obtain any troop.


I have had similar conversations in a lot of CCGs, so let me lay out some of the logic from previous discussions for you.

First, in a physical TCG you have a limited production run of cards. Regardless of how big the production run, those cards are by their nature finite. If there are 12000 of a card printed then there are only 12000 ever. Physical attrition further lowers that number. This allows for those cards to be collectible items with perceived value appropriate. Owning one of them is something semi-unique and interesting. Trading works well because of the limited numbers. Everyone can not have one of the card there are only 12000 of. Studies are actually conducted by the big TCG companies to decide based on player base just how big a production run should be to ensure obtainable desirability and value retention.

When the TCG concept is brought over to an electronic format like GoW that concept starts to break down. We can all open chests which contain a simple roll on a table. There are not finite numbers of anything in the game. From a simple hierarchy, monster cards come from Keys, keys can be bought with gems, gems can be given out for doing nothing more than simply logging into the game and having a proc chance fire off while collecting gold. This means that the number of gems is infinite, therefore the number of keys is infinite, and therefore the number of any given monster card is infinite. There are several other paths equally infinite to keys as well. Given time everyone is capable of possessing every card in the game.

When taken on an individual scale there will be cards you get before other cards, making the missing cards more desirable (to you). This provides the incentive to continue progressing in the game, to continue logging in. Your next shot at the appropriately sought after shiney is just over the next horizon. This also keeps you interested in each chest you open, because “this could be the one!” A major point here is that whatever you are short on, someone else is probably short on something else and considers that thing common. When trading is introduced these vagaries of luck are eliminated and when taken across the aggregate of the community leaves a lot of extra cards to be traded around. This means everyone completes their collections very quickly thus removing a large point of progression in the game.

This also introduces a secondary effect wherein the trading place becomes the premier source for collection of cards rather than “the wild”. People begin to feel pressured to use the trading place to finish their collection rather than playing the game. Loot rolls from chests become less important and thus less interesting. This leads to a general drudgery within the game that while it can be worked around is incredibly difficult for a game built on the general precepts that GoW seems to be built upon.

If the cards were limited time cards of which a theoretical finite number existed and if those cards suffered some level of attrition then trading could help without providing all these negatives, but in a game where card numbers are basically infinite and the selection of cards is relatively small it would lead very quickly to stagnation within the game.

It is an unfortunate thing we see played out in many of the various card-esque games on the market today. Some have trading, many do not. Those that do generally have limited numbers of cards (new cards released weekly with no way to pick up the missing ones later), or have a different mechanic that is keeping people playing, or possibly are already beginning their stagnation path. Solving the riddle of appealing to a huge base of semi-casual “come and go” type players while still providing that incentive for self-progression at the same time as you try to keep the completionist crowd happy isn’t easy and arguably hasn’t been accomplished yet.

I don’t take anything away from the devs for GoW. Perhaps they will be the ones to crack the code. But I do recognize the monumental task it would be to do so effectively. Frankly I am not sure I would consider it worth it since it would take re-designing the reward systems in the game at a pretty fundamental level.



Gems aren’t easy to get though. I’m level 71 and only have 87 gems which I’m still not able to get higher armour yet and I’ve not spent any gems at all. Gems are few and far between.

As for guild. I already have one as I made one and it’s active enough for it to complete a task everyday - still the iron keys are pretty unlikely to give you a monster you haven’t got - it’s the magic keys that seem to be better but it’s hard to get those too.

I am aiming for getting all trophies on the game. I am simply one away - the level 100 from completing the trophy set. I would like all monsters as well but that would require me to play it ad nauseum when I have so many other games to play.


Maybe a good thing to do is to pass to another guild where there are more then a single quest a day. Also when you get higher and upgrade your kingdoms higher, just from collecting gold and getting tributes while collecting, you’ll earn 30-50 gems every day just by clicking every hour to collect income. Maybe even more if you get really lucky. In time you will see gems are easy to acquire. As for iron keys, from all the legendary troops that I have (only 14 so far) I got more legendary from iron then from magic keys. .


Not sure what you mean about gems from kingdoms. I don’t think I’ve ever had a gem from kingdoms…if I have I haven’t had many. My home kingdom has all challenges done, quests done and I have level 15 troops but it doesn’t acknowledge that I have got level 15 troops. It still has 0 next to that.

I’ve done all quests on all kingdoms and done all challenges to completion on about 5 kingdoms.


To build on @DonBoba 's point, I think part of the issue might be your perception of the game. GoW isn’t a play it for a few weeks, get everything and stop playing type game like most console games. The path to completion is purposefully long. It started as a mobile game meant to be played alongside other gaming / titles and thus that is where it’s longevity lies. In the console version the development arc is even slower since you are on 1.06. That speeds up significantly in 1.07, though it does take more focus on a single resource. My suggestion would be to play a few battles every day, try to log in before and after your normal console play time (or throughout) to maximize your kingdom procs. Focus on getting at least level 1 (do the quests) in every city. After that just level a card to 15 to help out that kingdom’s level. Gems are given out when multiple cities proc at the same time, and the more cities you have with a higher bonus the better.

Overall though, focus on a slower burn towards your completionist goals. It sounds like you have the trophies pretty much knocked out (congrats!). At this point you can play the game for what it is, a nice relaxing way to cap off an evening of playtime, or something to do when you have time, but not enough to dive into a AAA title. Alternatively knock out your last trophy and then join us on the mobile version (you would have to start over). Then you can play without consuming precious console time (like while you are watching TV). It takes a ton of pressure off when you aren’t trying to rush the game and just enjoy playing through it picking up your rewards along the way.

EDIT: The troops have to be for the kingdom you are checking. The level 15 category is for level 15 troops of that particular kingdom not in general. (based on your question about that)



It’s not a matter of perception. Once I started playing it I was hooked. I find match 3 games addictive (used to fight over who would play Bejeweled on the computer with my mum when I was a kid, lol). That’s why I’ve pretty much got all trophies bar 1.

My OH was playing it too but they can’t download the patch as the console is moaning that there isn’t enough space even though there is. PS4 is notorious for that unfortunately.

I log in everyday for the bonus anyway.

I personally won’t be re-playing on mobile - not that I have the space anyway; I’m trying to complete Final Fantasy 3 on DS atm so that’s what I play during programs.

I’ll soon get bored of GoW though once I’ve got 100% trophies. I did with Tom Blitz Arena as they never updated the story mode that I’d completed (they have a ‘coming soon’ or something like that). It would be nice if they added more trophies to this game. I imagine a trophy for getting all monster cards would be a super hard one to get.