Wild Fuses Core Help


So I’ve been thinking for trying to build a team around the Herdmaster/Ragnagord core, the thing is I am having a hard time finding other troops to round it out.

Does anyone have some suggestions?


Looking at just wildfolk or any troop?


Any troop, I named the team as such because both troops in the core are wild folk, the other 2 can be anything


I’d recommend;

Knight Coronet
Giant Spider

I’d try out the Sword Banner (Yellow/Blue) first.


I think Fenrir could work (have all 6 colors too) but then you have 2 first position troops. Hmm.


Herdmaster is a Mana generator, don’t let the Leader Trait fool you


Shadow Hunter is a Blue Wildfolk. Blade Dancer, Barbearius, Druid are all decent Green ones. I think I ran two Druids with that exploder core once, you probably want four unique ones though.