Wild changes on PS4, anyone else?

So, as of yesterday, all fights have cost 0 gold (which is good), the Guild Task that rewards you 6 Iron keys now is giving 12 Magic keys (not an issue in my books) and critical hits that are in the “T” shape are doing more than 3x the “normal” damage (I have video proof of an enemy Troop with 6 Attack killing my Gloom Leaf which had 26 combined Life/Armor).

Tributes are also screwy, giving random amounts of Gems, Glory, Souls and Gold, even when there is only 1 Kingdom contributing. The PvP rewards for defenses (wins and losses) are also rewarding more Souls and Glory than before.

All of this while the Xbox players apparently can’t even play because their version is so broken. I mention them because I am running into them in PvP and, because they can’t log in, they have 2000+ Gold and I’m clearing 3000-4000 a fight against them.

Any other PS4 players seeing this occur as well?

I can confirm this wild weirdness. My tally for total defence wins is also permanently reading 0 since the other day, and my arena battles reward button click for wins puts me into an error loop that is only negated by a restart. Oh, and arena wins task is now counting from PvP battle wins instead. Truly bizarre time indeed.

That was always the case, one of the many flawed Tasks. However, most of those are beneficial like this one is. 7 PvP wins is much easier and faster than 7 Arena wins.

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That’s just $@^%ed up, I’m sorry. What are they doing over there? Be better off with a second Sirrian, I’ve said it before. Too bad cloning is probably still illegal or something.

If we had two @Sirrian s how would we know which one was right?

They would both be right. Duh.


I’ve played this game to death and still enjoy it despite all the bugs.

To confirm what others have said lately on the board (Xbox One version), the recent small update tweaked some stuff:

  • My Defence games played says 0
  • Beating people in PvP now rewards me anywhere from 500-2,500 gold, with many in the 1,000+ range. Before that, it was usually in the 500-600 ballpark, and the max was 1,500. I never saw it more than this. 1,500 was an exact cut off limit. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take the gold if it was purposely increased!
  • The News Box had a weird update the other day that seemed PC related… something about triggering an event and unlocking cards, but the news box re-updated to tell the current week’s offerings and the same “weekly updates end on Apr 5th” note. WTF?

Same here, on PS4. Battles are now 0 Gold. I’ve had a new issue with the player tasks(in the top left-hand corner, not the Guild tasks). Any of the tasks that give keys, “Use X Iron Keys, get a Magic Key.” “Win X Invasions, get X Iron Keys.” and so on, will not give me the rewards. They pop up and show that I’ve completed them, but no keys show up when I go to look for them. This happened on my account and my wifes.

The 0 gold may be ok. The PC version had a patch I believe which got rid of the 50 gold requirement for battles.

The 0 gold per battle is now on Xbox One too.

Yeah it’s not a glitch, none of the changes are. It’s like we got a little ninja update with some perks that the other version has, like a sneak peek for the update.

Updates to console products must go through a lengthy certification process - which takes weeks.

However, because of the way data is held & managed in GoW, some numbers (specifically the numbers relating to the economy - gold earned per battle, tribute, etc) are stored in server-side files, and can be changed quickly.

So console is now playing with the “new” economy (same as 1.0.8 on mobile & PC), even though all of the client-side changes are still a month or so away.

Yeah that’s what I thought when I noticed the changes. I just wish I wasn’t getting so many Goblin Rockets from the chests, or that we could actually use the card. That being said, I love getting magic keys from helping my guild.