Why you gotta be so cruel?!


Nice and even over here but on a related “cruel” note

Would 1 extra point really have killed them?


According to Sirrian in some post a while back, there’s a fixed order to which colours get offered each level.

A guide on how to keep your masteries as even as possible would be pretty popular I reckon, if someone wants to work out the pattern.


Clearly we need @Cell and not me to write it. Also, I hate you @Cell, and you got what you deserved! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol, it was an accident

It appairs to me that a color comes around every 3 levels so far it looks like if this level you have purple/green to choose from then three levels later you’ll have either green or purple with another color
If u build a map to check it they can be predicted pretty well

that post specified a 15 lvl turn around on complete matches

GAH! :angry:


I think the way the choices are distributed, you will only be “guaranteed” a chance to be exactly even every 30 levels.

It makes my eye twitch too, though. THE NUMBERS ARE NOT ROUND

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You PC/Mobile folks have it so easy. Simple colour decision to make, with no arduous complications.

On the console, the Kingdom + Guild + Hero mana masteries are all GLOMMED TOGETHER on the Level Up screenshots. It makes it impossible to figure out which mastery to increase.

I’ve taken to photographing my Hero Overview screen before I start playing for the day. Just so I know where I want to be, when I do gain a level.

Take that for cruel and unusual punishment… ouch, it hurts!

@studs, still pretty even over here :wink:


I like that system on the Consoles because the Kingdom bonuses are not equal. I like to keep my Masteries as even as possible

I completely blame @Studs for the following, he shoulders all the blame for my misfortune

“Why you gotta be so cruel?”

“I’m gonna bury you anyways”



Even again @Studs


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And so it continues


And the bloodfeud continues :wink:

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No big deal.


Yayyyy, @Studs finally found balance