Why this Saturday's "Kurandarito" pet event canceled?

In games section, next pet event preview was Kurandarito on Saturday.
Now it shows Wednesday pet event (Spiderling/Zhul’kari).
I would like to know why.
Is it because it was the first campaign’s elite pass pet?

It’s just been moved to next weekend.

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Thank you.

Because God forbid we were able to find pet gnomes in the arena for 3 days during the event and actually get pet rescues from them. (seems to happen too often to be a coincidence at this point.) Even more suspect that this pet was delayed and now falls on an arena weekend.


It’s as if they want to do everything they can to discourage us from playing arena weekend - as if the terrible rewards weren’t enough discouragement already. :roll_eyes:


People are doing the arena events?


Only to the first 60 writs, and I can get that on Sunday with just my usual 3 arenas a day for more chances to get imperial deed offers. After that, it’s absolutely not worth it.

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I even stop doing daily 3 run for offer. Picking up a team getting longer and longer with new useless weekly and delve troops. Also with the max power level kingdoms, offers got worse.