Why Players think the AI cheats


They remove the mechanic that I call luck factor. You and Salty refer to it as the luck cap that’s intended to keep the AI from getting “too lucky”.
Will the win rate for most possibly plunge? Yes.
But it will be an even playing field for all.
My match was part of a guild event that competes against other guilds. We should all be playing under the same rules and difficulty. Our wins/losses should never be determined by “luck”… Good or bad.


About your question though. I do despise how often the number value in percentages seem to not matter at all.
So in that respect. I wish they did remove the number from the percentage when it comes to text description.
The troop should just say it has a “chance” to devour. The “30%” chance can be very misleading.


Based on what I understand of how the “luck factor limiter” works, removing it will strictly increase the number of games you will lose. It currently only kicks in when the AI (not the player) is getting “too lucky” and serves to prevent the AI (not the player) from getting more skyfall 4-matches after it’s already had a few.

What you want is more uneven luck. The combo breaker isn’t strong enough, goes the argument.

But I feel we’ve treaded this ground in the past and I’m not sure it’s having purchase.


I understand the intent. I do not feel like it’s working as intended. I feel it tries to balance the “luck” rather than just limit it to be favorable for the AI. Had I survived for one more turn. I possibly could’ve won cause perhaps the cap would of made sure the AI didn’t get an extra turn.
But let’s keep in mind. Every comment about luck the luck in the game was back when the most powerful troops were level 20.
Do any of us actually believe it has been twerked to account for level 30-500 troops that most of us face now?

It would surely be ironic if instead of “luck factor” being removed. We actually need more of it to keep things fair. Like instead of 3x, it should now be a 1x cap. :thinking:

Amazing what a civil discussion can create from 2 who think very differently but respect each other’s opinions.


This is what the devs have said every time it’s been brought up, afaik. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to put the burden of proof on AWRYAN and task him to go look at the code, he can’t because the code is hidden from player view (also afaik). So we’re stuck in a loop where people make claims about not trusting the devs, but nobody (other than the devs) seems to have the ability to conclusively settle the issue.

It comes down to whether you trust the devs. Seems pretty clear what side of the fence key players in this thread land on.


They cant share code because of contractual reasons with publisher. Youre at least 3 years late for this debate.


How many weeks after Patch X was released before the devs realized that the extra turn mechanic wasn’t working as intended?
It’s not that I don’t trust the devs. I’ve just been playing way too long to assume all the code in the game is working 100% as intended.
Had I created a thread 6 months ago claiming that tribute was not working as intended. That we were getting too many resources from it.
Y’all would of looked at me like I was crazy. 🤷


You’re right. It comes down to trust. My claim is that this is not the sort of thing that would show up as a random bug. It is either nonexistent (and essentially a cognitive bias) or it is deliberate (and the devs are knowingly misleading the players to some unknown end).


May I ask, did you watch the portion of the match that I posted in the OP?


I have, yes. I’ve had crap matches like those, at times, too, and you have my sympathy :frowning:


Given the sequence of events.
Is it really that far fetched to think that because I was on the verge of winning the match. That something switched on in the code that caused the match to be more “challenging”?
Webspinner was only a hit or 2 from death. I tried to transform it to keep it one from a one skull match end against me.


Yes. That is what several of us have been maintaining (not just in this thread).


I think that it’s not out of the question that the code be written in this fashion. I also think that it could never be written that way accidentally, and I have no reason to believe the devs have maliciously added this under the radar, and then lied about its existence. I give them more credit than this.


Not Malicious. Not aware of either.
If I could prove it to be a bug then I would post it under the bug section.
Like most bugs. It was caused by a conflict in the code.
Difficulty scales in GoW. This is a fact.
When exactly and how it scales is up for a debate.

I do not believe that any bug is ever written on purpose nor malicious.

Lyya, tons of stuff makes it past the QA. For 4 years tributes were “bugged”. For 6 months hero XP in the arena was “bugged”. For 9 months GW XP was “bugged”.
It is entirely possible that a bug exists in the game that DOESN’T go in the favor of the player. :grinning:


I’ve tried to explain how I don’t think something like “biased percentages” could arise accidentally. I’ve written enough code (including game code) in my life to have a pretty decent idea of how it would be done here. I just don’t think it’s realistic to assume the behavior you describe is accidental. It’s either deliberate, or the product of a fair roll and recall bias.

But I’ve said my piece. I don’t think this will end in anyone convincing anyone of anything, and this will certainly not be the last time the subject comes up. I’ve gotta conserve that rhetorical energy for the next one!


@Lyya i cant get a straight answer from anyone but i am assuming that you are responsible for deleting my post. I only ask that you at least tell me to piss off. I understand that i am the “new girl” so my word holds less weight than others, but dont just silence me and then move on without a word. Have the grace to tell me what you did and why. Thanks.


I deleted your post as I said I would because the passive-aggressive tone and veiled personal attacks are exactly what I don’t want to see in conversation here. Talk about the topic, not the player. I stated this clearly above.


I hope you are aware that by following this thread and not chiming in.
I’m assuming you are not allowed to discuss any sort of “luck factor” here. So you feel it’s best at this time not to say anything at all.
Not saying that’s what you’re doing. That’s just how I’m interpreting your actions. :grinning:


Ok you win. I will delete my posts that cyrup called me a jerk for lol


I just had a Wisp cast 3 times in a row against me to secure me a L.
Sure enough… My 20:1 ratio this week is still in tact.
I can’t wait until I’m able to play the same game that you are again! :grinning: