Why Players think the AI cheats


Oh believe me, i am in no way arguing with anyone lol. I simply made an observation which led to all my posts being quotes in full, which i assume is done to give the appearance of substance. But dont worry, i am positive that Mr. Narcissist will have a snazzy clap-back just as soon as he is done googling Occam’s Razor, confirmation bias, and cognitive dissonance.


It seems you are some random who created an account on the forums just to talk shit or pick a fight. Either way, go play with someone else.
I don’t waste my time with keyboard warriors who hide behind an alternate account to avoid consequences of their actions on their main forums account.
Maybe I’m wrong and this is your first account and I’m privileged enough to generate all your assumptive thoughts for the first time on the forums.
What I do know for sure is I don’t care either way.


If you read the OP you’d see that the first thing I said was the devs say the game doesn’t cheat.
I explained why the player thinks otherwise. It sounds like including yourself once upon a time ago. You kept playing GoW despite those thoughts. Not everyone does.
I blame the luck factor for this behavior and would like it removed. Simple as that.


Will you please hurry up.
I’ve been waiting 15 minutes now, to most likely flag whatever rubbish you are about to spew.

Cause if you are as truly new to this as your about to claim. Then I’m fairly certain you haven’t bothered to read the community guidelines. Considering you don’t seem to bother yourself with information before alleging that other’s don’t know what they are talking about.


I can assure you that this entire sentence is false. This is no alternate account. I am more than willing to accept any consequences for my actions. I also have no intention to “pick a fight” or “talk shit”. I made an observation and gave my opinion which was contrary to yours. You only took it as an insult due to your own feelings of inadequacy which you compensate for with narcissism. It’s textbook.

No, i dont think i will just yet. I am having too much fun now.

It is strange, yet quite common, that someone who suffers from narcissism would project their own self loathing onto anyone they see as an adversary. It is your way of battling the parts of yourself that you dislike the most and still keep your ego up. Again its textbook.

Your attempt at sarcasm here is very disappointing. I would think that you would have practiced this skill enough that you would be able to make a version of this remark without the sarcasm being detectable. This leads me to believe that sarcasm isnt your “go to” defense mechanism. So that means that you either go for bullying or severe controlling behavior. Now from what i have seen from you there is a small hint of bullying but as with the sarcasm i dont think it isyour preferred move. So that leaves control. You are controlling to the point of abuse. This probably manifests in your professional life as well as your personal relationships. I bet you have had protective orders put on you. You probably also denegrate women, don’t you? You say horrible things about the ones you cant control. And you arr probably the type to make rape jokes.

This may be the most untruthful thing in your whole post of nonsense. The fact is, you DO care. You care so much it almost hurts physically.


Lol there is the perfect example of being controlling! Thanks for proving me right before i was even done saying it!


I could have my own thread further derailed by detailing how sad it is for trolls on the internet to desperately need the attention of strangers. No matter if the attention is positive or negative.
I do not know you. But I truly feel sorry for you. Be well.


Ha! So you call me names because you cant control me? Once again you have proved me accurate.

Nice attempt at combating psychology with psychology. Unfortunately you assume that i am seeking attention to begin with. Again you are projecting onto me what you dislike about yourself.

False pity and dismissal are very common tactics of someone displaying toxic controlling behavior. C’mon man, i am starting to think you are deciding what to say based on the textbook definition of toxic controlling narcissism.


Requesting a mod here. We going down some dangerous flame war terri-try. @Lyya


I’m quite sure that all the mods were already notified. @awryan emailed them all to complain about my existence hours ago. I’m sure of it.


I’m not happy with there this thread is going. I will follow up on the negativity here in a private message. If this discussion does not continue civilly the thread will be closed, otherwise, please feel free to continue the discussion about our game’s AI.


I await your PM :grinning:


No there isn’t.

The mix of conspiracy theories with persecution complex gets old, man. Just stop.


All i want is one thing, if this “luck factor” exists it has to be written in the code. Because that is how computer programs work. So if there is a “luck factor” written into the code i would like to see it. Otherwise, I will continue to believe in the fact that random is random.


I’m happy that you can’t see it. Or that you don’t want to see it.
Its clear to me that if the AI can dictate what “luck” is in the game.
There has to be a code for it. I refer to it (as well as many others) as the “Luck Factor”.
And if it can limit how lucky the AI gets. It can also limit how lucky the player gets.

If it doesn’t exist as you believe. Then there’s ZERO harm in me relentlessly asking for it to be removed.
Never has a dev stated that the “luck factor” doesn’t exist. The only thing we hear is it is designed to help the player more than not. Much like many things in this game. I do not believe it always works as intended.


Have some of the comments in the thread not been exactly the definition of persecution?

Me - “Hey guys and gals, just want to offer some feedback about the game. I don’t like the luck factor. Please remove it.”

Angry mob - “Don’t you dare share your opinion about the game. Or else we will argue you are wrong (despite us not being a developer). Or will reduce to child like name calling. Either way, for sure… We will tell you how much your opinion doesn’t matter, but our opinion about your opinion does matter.”

Did I miss anything? Or is that fair representation of this thread? And frankly, most threads where people feel entitled to attack the OP with pitch fork for having an opinion. It is not just me that experiences this. There are folks on the forums that feel compelled to squash any sort of communication that they don’t agree with.
They are happy to cause drama or arguments until the thread is locked. And if for some reason their comments/behavior gets their account banned. They are easily able to start a new forums account to continue the toxic behavior.
Look around the forums, how many “regulars” still make threads hoping to generate change or game improvement?
They don’t, because it’s never worth the back lash that the toxic members cause when they do.
As for me, I will continue to post my opinion despite the personal attacks that follow.
There seems to be a trend where my most controversial threads cause a brand new forums account to lurk and comment on it until thread dies out or gets locked out. And then that account rarely ever gets used again.
Almost as if it’s one person doing it like a crazy stalker. But much like the “luck factor”… I’m sure there’s no way that could possibly be true outside of my head. 🤷


Two things:

  1. @Cyrup has said it already, I will repeat: Debate is acceptable here only insofar as it remains impersonal. Debate the message, not the speaker. Ad hominem is forbidden. I will be purging any further discourse that fails to meet this criterion.

  2. If you are going to quote a dev about luck, please at least keep it in context. Most of the rest of the thread dealt with clarifying @Saltypatra’s remarks. Another dev quote from further along that same thread made it clear she wasn’t indicating that the AI ever got luckier than the player, only “as lucky as or less lucky:”



I feel like I did explain the developers thoughts about the luck factor without having to post the full statement.
If I tell people I regulate myself to 6 glasses of water a day.
It’s not a far stretch to believe I have a way to get 6 glasses of water a day.
Even if I don’t come out and say it.

Back to the match that generated my request.
I had 4 troops alive with full HP. The AI had one.
It’s fair to think the game believed I was getting “too lucky”. So it quickly tried to compensate for it without going over it’s cap.
We have had extra turns that were bugged. We’ve had “combo breakers” to limit RNG from being favorable too much for the player or the AI.
Yet we are to assume that the AI is getting exactly the amount of luck that it should. Despite all the times it gets “exactly” what it needs to win.

Earlier tonight, I got stomped in ToD. But luck factor wasn’t to blame. The AI difficulty was clearly at it’s hardest possible. Anything “random” dealing with casts always went in favor of the AI. That’s intended behavior because the devs want it to be “challenging”. I get it.
I chose to be stubborn and continue to do my matches despite the clear difficulty scale.
There’s no way to counter the “luck factor” though. Especially if it doesn’t actually exist. :grinning:


What you are stating is that the “luck factor” influences things like percentages of proc chances. It does not, unless you choose to believe the devs are lying. In the quoted post by @Ozball he further quotes what is considered “luck,” and it’s entirely to do with breaking skyfall combos. Biased luck doesn’t just “happen,” it must be deliberately programmed; the code for “does this thing devour at 30% chance” would read something like:

if (random.Next(1,101) <= spell.DevourChance) {

If the devs were deliberately tampering with this based on whether the roll was for the player or the CPU, there’d be a significantly more complex expression or method call in place of that “devourChance” variable. My point is, this isn’t the kind of mistake that just “creeps in.” So either:

  1. The random factor for everything but skydrops is not biased; or
  2. The devs are deliberately and repeatedly telling untruths.

A valid argument could be made regarding skydrops, since those are tampered with, but the dev assertion is that these are never adjusted favorably to the AI. It might get luckier than you in a given game, but that is just because random.Next() returned low values for it.


I state nether things Lyya.
I stated that it factors in the RNG. The skyfalls in my match consistently went in favor of the AI when it had one troop left on the board but didn’t care when I had 1 troop as well.
I don’t think they are lying. If they say it’s never supposed to favor the AI then okay. Do I think it actually works as intended? ABSOLUTELY NO.
Rather then try to fix it, I would hope they just remove it from the game. It seems to degrade over time. This is not my first thread on the matter. I tend to post about it at peak frustration.

This is basically what I’m saying. I just don’t speak code.


How do you propose they remove the randomness, short of removing absolutely everything from the game that has a percentage chance attached to it?