Why is Plague useless?

Is it that difficult to make it so when you use Plague’s Outbreak that when a specific skill is down to 0 it doesn’t try to decrease the same one? I know he’s more of a support troop it seems, but I feel like he is kind of useless. I have had the pleasure of “randomly” getting 3 of him 2 times when I spent money on the game and I have no use for him.

Plague is more of a grief inducing defense troop than an attack. Even though he is losing potency due to latest board calculation change, he still has some sting with his disease, slowing mana collection while his trait slowly chipping away stats, not enough to kill, but enough to induce rage on the invading person, leaving them the options to try winning a dreadful slow game, retreat or throw their phone to the wall. pair him with mab and kraken should be fun.

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when they retreat though do we get anything? doesn’t count as a win does it? even if does I know a lot of people just force quit the game and it doesn’t give me anything, please correct me if I am wrong.

i don’t know about that though. i don’t pay much attention to that.

even one of the new characters decreases a skill by 11 boosted by blue gems and then destroys the gems! This makes that character that is an ultra-rare card (not even a legendary) stronger than the mythic!


Azura is Epic, but yeah I agree, Plague needs some form of love.


Plague is pretty solid as a defensive option, particularly with impervious to counter kraken meta and the legendary trait to go with a looping defensive setup.

I don’t believe it was intended to be used offensively; neutering an invading team is where Plague’s strengths lie IMO.

The thing is that Azura is an Epic and has a better spell than Plague, with 8 less mana cost. That is why Plague needs to be looked at.


My reply was mainly to the OP but you make a good point. I haven’t really used Azura yet… :blush:

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I agree… Plague is one of the mythics that arent mythic in power. War queen a jotnar and a couple others need some love also


I have yet to mess around with Azura myself, I dont want to see her nerfed because I dont look at her as OP, but rather one of the best Epics, maybe. I however want the opposite, and that is some love for Plague.

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Plague would be a nice Mythic troop if he got ‘Halve all enemies mana’ in his spell as well.


if plague is buffed i’m gonna run rampage with my 3 plague!


If someone retreats from a battle, it counts as a loss like any other lost battle.

what if they force close?

Same thing. It is a loss for them and a win for you.

This is the case for any battle that doesn’t end in a win for the invading player.

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My Azura still only reduces random stat by 6… (magic/2+1) and Plague by 11 (magic+2) Sure she deals more “damage” with some blue gems, but poison and disease are handy bonus from Plague, not to mention if you have his 3rd trait unlocked.

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Azura requires far less mana to fill though, and tends to also provide a nice mana boost on casting the spell.

Maybe part of the issue here is the Disease effect, which is about half a Silence if you look at it more closely. If Disease were to also prevent positive buffs or stat gain, Plague would be a lot more scary.


yea, Azura is pretty good mana collector with that gem explosion, got my blue/purple team Psion, Azura, Plague, Abynissia.