Best team with Plague?

I really want him in a viable team.

Test out: Humility - Humility - Lady Anariel - Plague - Double Yellow Banner.

Replace the second Humility with a Ragnagord for full color coverage and extra mana generation.

This team can totally ruin your day in PVP or Guild Wars, too.


What do you mean by viable? As PvP Defense, or PvP Offense or explore or ?

Gems is a really forgiving game on Offense, so just about any team with synergy can win 90% of the time. On defense the game plays really poorly, so spending time creating a good defensive team doesn’t make much sense. Outside of PvP I could throw 4 random troops together and make a team that gets wins 75% of the time or more.

If you are having fun playing, that’s the only real test of success with this game, so put him with troops you like and go to town.

If you want Plague to be a big nuke that wipe the other team, he just isn’t that troop. My Doomclaw has the same problem. He’ll never be Ubastet.

In your opinion, what team is he good on defense with? Also being the only mythic…

Plague unfortunately is a pretty crappy troop. The only really good team with plague is humility/humility/lady arnalia/plague. Even that team isn’t great.

I think I have a good team…
Crimson bat

Plague helps lower magic and attack that would otherwise be lethal

There are a lot of teams that don’t care about the fourth slot, that’s a good place for any troop.

Divine Ishbaala / Infernus / Ubastet / Plague.
Gorgotha / The Dragon Soul / The Worldbreaker / Plague
Psion / Ragnagord / Famine / Plague
Fire Bomb / Fire Bomb / Fire Bomb / Plague

The new meta has been revealed.