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UPDATED - The end of Forest Troll, 2x Kraken, Queen Mab

Gloom Leaf - Huge, Impervious, Thorns
Sekhma - Raksha Bond, Insulated
Snowy Owl - Nimble, Insulated
Plague - Virulence, Impervious, Aspect of Plague nice to have

Talon Banner (+2 Yellow, +1 Green, -1 Blue)


Put in fully-Traited Queen Mab in 4th if you want to arrest the AI looping with just one 4-Match. You lose the Devour protection, but it will make the deck much more accessible to a wider range of players and play styles. Frankly I think my initial suggestion to use Plague was not thought out fully and as useful as he is there, I think Mab ultimately will be better for more people.

Other logical 4th Troop alternates: Dracos 1337, Behemoth, Rock Troll

All troops are immune to Frozen; bottom troop immune to Kraken’s Devour; Gloom Leaf immune to Entangle and punishes hard for sky drop Skulls.

Owl deprives Purple and feeds it to Sekhma. Sekhma deprives Brown, deprives Blue. Owl self-loops and pollutes with Yellow, or feeds Red/Green/Brown onto the board, prioritizing situationally depending on what you need to add for a pending Sekhma cast, etc. Because Snowy Owl can make any color there is a lot of room for different board-control measures.

Start play by prioritizing the collection of Yellow for Snowy Owl.


I’m no stranger to the Sekhma/Owl combo, but that was some nice use of Gloom Leaf and Plague, universally regarded as two of the worst troops in their rarity teir :+1:


IMO Plague is the best of all the Mythics in terms of his versatility and potency in denying mana through his mass-Disease and his 3rd Trait sapping. Because he doesn’t interfere with powerful looping colors he can go at the top and tank the heck out of a deck without mana-blocking key team members, or he can go at the bottom and basically be a bottom feeder for gem spam that the above team couldn’t use.

The key to Plague is using him in ways that are non-obvious. I believe that Disease is the most under-rated of all the affixes to the point that if there was a Trait that randomly Diseased on 4-matches the community would riot.


Also thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

I didn’t really know what is in the counter zeitgeist right now because I haven’t been around. I didn’t mean to step on any toes. If somebody came up with this before me, I didn’t know about it, but I definitely I tip my fedora!

Yeah I like running plague at the top of Alch/Hellcat/IK/Sehkma etc team. For those mana blocking reasons and I also like disease. Venbarak is so much more useful with his change.

Hadn’t though my of a Snowy Owl will try this out :slight_smile: cheers

We’ve missed contributions like this while you’ve been away. Great video and another excellent Krudler team!


Wow, it’s almost like Troll/Kraken/Mab is so widely used because it relies on the terribly unbalanced mechanics of “freeze a random enemy on 4 or 5 gem matches” and devour. What a surprise.

Kraken should lose its devour and gain a 40% chance to submerge after casting.

Queen Mab should freeze an enemy when matching blue, like how Sheggra burns enemies when matching red.

Those two changes would push troll/kraken/Mab down to a spot where other teams are properly competitive against it. Switch Korvash’s damage from true to regular, rework Draakulis’s spell (maybe a life-steal randomly split among enemies, so it’s not just Crimson Bat Special Edition), and ka-zam, diverse meta.


Lol no… Ka-zam a bunch of useless troops…

Submerge is useless and he will only have 40%chance? He would be garbage

Again this makes him useless. His stun and drain for his cost isnt worth using him


I wouldn’t say useless, but very conditional. Aside from that, 40% chance to submerge would indeed be garbage…

I’m sure this change would just increase her usage on “Meta teams” the problem with your approach is that you aren’t considering a lot of factors. It would make Forest Troll+Mab+Krakenx2 even worse, you match blue, fill troll a little and an enemy is already frozen, match it again and another enemy is frozen with a chance that Troll can cast, Kraken fills FT and freezes another enemy…

Only -> IF <- , he gains something in return from this change. Maybe Spell damage boosted by Stunned Enemies. But as it was pointed by Vangor, the cost of his spell is already high to pay off for the effects.


Especially for a Legendary. :smiley:


Well, back on Topic: Nice video @KrudlerTheHorse, coindidence or not, i played great battles in Arena today thanks to Snowy Owl. :+1:

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Nice, Snowy is very satisfying when (s)he :question: connects with her Gem spawns.

Thanks for kind word :slight_smile:

edit: I can’t forum

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So are you planning to release videos every now and then, again Krudler?
Thank you for the video, always interesting to see your tactics. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure. I was so effing angry at this game at one point I wan’t sure I’d even play it again lol

Some semblance of sanity has been restored to the gameplay with the latest update, which also brings the most egregiously bad UI I have seen since my days of hiring intern designers in 1997.


@KrudlerTheHorse Awesome video, thanks for sharing. Been a fan of your videos since the days of Entangling Bones, the build that set my win streak record :wink:


I’m so happy to hear that! That’s why I make videos! YES!


For those of you that don’t have Plague or don’t have him traited, try an Ancient Golem in the last spot. You cover one less color from the start (though honestly it is really, really hard to fill Plague regardless) and don’t have the withering trait or quite the defensive stats, but it is still a back slot Impervious that trends toward filling the board with useless browns to convert out.

Thanks for sharing, @KrudlerTheHorse! This looks like an interesting counter.

Good to see you back around @KrudlerTheHorse! I miss your videos.

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That’s a good suggestion and I’ll give it a try.

I did not test this but I considered it before: Dracos may be a good Impervious alternate that can catch both spillage from Snowy’s gather and Snowy’s cast, plus spill from Sekhma’s purple gather. Then interrupt those annoying loops with its Silence.