Why is it no longer possible to transfer Vip points?

Two month ago i sold my Xbox one where i had a account with Vip 7 and started new on mobile.Everything was good till someone from my guild told me that if i ask the support that they could tranfer my Vip points from 1 plattform to another because he did the same.

At this point i was already Vip 6 on mobile when i asked the support if they could do it for me and they just told me no.And i really dont understand why?It is not like they lose anything from it because the xbox acc is inactiv and they would remove the vip anyways.

The only thing they lost now is someone who wanted to support the devs but now i find it really unfair that for some people they transfer the vip and for some not this is like a 2 class system.

So can any of the devs tell me why this 2 class system exist?
Sry for my bad english.

Console and PC/Mobile are 2 different companies…
Either your guildmate was a load of bullock,
or he was dreaming…


Yeah, I’ve been around for a long time and I’ve never heard of anyone being able to transfer VIP points from one account to another. In fact, I’ve consistently heard that it is not possible and that support won’t consider it (even between two accounts on the same platform).

I was going to say that maybe your guildmate got a rookie that didn’t know the policy, but up until a few months ago, support for console and PC were completely separate, so i don’t think that anyone in support could have done this even if they wanted to.

OR it is entirely possible that the person who received the guildmate’s Support Ticket happened to have dev privilege in both companies. As far as I know, @Sirrian is the only one who can do that.

Two months ago was also around the time of the last big patch, so it is possible he was there to help out. If I recall they usually show the name of the operator in the support mail, ask if he got some guy named Steve or Sirrian. If he did, congratulate him on getting the Big Boss to handle his case :wink:

Hello - we don’t offer the service of transferring VIP points, and this has never been allowed within the support team. There are various legal restrictions that we must adhere too between consoles. Sorry, but unfortunately we won’t be able to transfer your VIP points. :frowning:

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Sry to tell you this but the support did transfer my VIP points from my old Steam Hero to my Xbox One hero after i started playing on the Xbox.The support was able to transfer Gold, Gems, Glory, Souls, Keys, VIP and 3 Base Legendaries Ticket Nr. 17791.Later is asked the support to transer everything back but due to a changed policy it was not longer possible Ticket Nr. 43022.

Yes, it is no longer allowed - sorry, but we aren’t able to do this for you. :confused:



So while we did once offer VIP transfer between console and PC/Mobile, due to legal issues with Sony and Microsoft, we are no longer able to do so, and we have changed our policy about this.

Cyrup joined us after this policy changed so she wasn’t aware that we used to offer it.

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@Nimhain is it possible to swap troops between accounts? My second account that I haven’t used in a couple of months has King Silenus and Yasmine’s Chosen and my main account doesn’t have them. Also I thought I lost my second account when the game switched to unity so I made a new account and that has a Scorpius that my main account doesn’t.

I can hazard a guess why, transferring across means that Sony/Microsoft don’t get a cut of those potential sales and Companies don’t like that.

Unfortunately we can’t transfer troops between accounts.

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I didn’t think you would be able to but it was worth asking.

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