Transfer/Compensation Request

Deleted, sorry

Mmmmm I’m guessing devs can’t really do this, sadly, as it’d set a bad precedent…

At best you might get a few freebies as a goodwill gesture, so long as you don’t tell anyone. Best to PM the devs to ask privately I think.

You may be right and I would mostly understand!

Is PMing the devs accepted practice here? I hadn’t considered it but if it’s not considered bad taste I may just delete this post and do that. And who would I PM?

There’s probably not many console players that wouldnt jump across if they got a chance

Devs definitely look at their messages and reply to them. I’ve contacted them that way before. Sirrian or Nimhain are the main devs that post on the forums, so I’d talk to one of them.

It’s worth a shot, but don’t get your hopes up for any compensation. It would be nice if they could wipe your console account and give you compensation on a different platform but it’s unlikely that will happen. Unfortunately that’s the biggest downside of having all the platforms segregated. It would be nice if we could all be together and could move between platforms as we choose, but sadly that probably won’t ever happen.

Thanks for the advice, folks :slight_smile: