Question to pc/moblie about Vip

As a Ps4 player i got to wondering something…When 1.08 hit on pc and bvip was added…did it go retro?? meanining did you get vip credit for what ya have put into the game all ready?

Now no clue if its coming to console or not but if so ill stop adding money now and save for when it hits to rank up lol

It was retroactive for PC/mobile, so consoles probably will be too.

Sure you do. You have a huge clue everytime you log in this week. The notice about 1.08 specifically mentions VIP chests. And yep it’s very much retro. Looking to be the first double vip 10 player. Thinking that should award me some kinda special status right?

your right lol i have seen that message so many damn times ive gone blind to it lol

And cool hope it dose go retro since i just talked my self into the sheggra bundle before i posted this lol and no i dont wanna be first i just know i put more into this game then a cod game with all map packs lol

I can’t see them not retroactively adding points since they did so on the other platforms. I would imagine there would be quite the backlash, myself amoung the participants of said backlash.

If you watched the provided videos detailing the upcoming changes, @Sirrian clearly states (in part 3) that they will look into what monies you have spent on the game up until that point, and calculate your VIP level accordingly.

Since they are using these same videos to notify console players of the changes, I would guess they plan to do the same. … but hopefully one of the gentlemen here can confirm this so those who do choose to purchase bundles, etc. won’t feel that they need to wait for the update to get the associated credit?