Will Consoles Ever Start Getting Redeem Codes?!

The folks on computers are sooo far ahead of us that it’s not even funny.

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And yet you have daily tasks which I would kill for…

Grass is always greener, right? :wink:


awwww don’t think it that way. think it like we are the guinea pigs so you can have a brighter less buggy future :slight_smile:


i agree we console players have no luck , update , troops lately it’s has to be change !!!

I know right, in a way I bet they feel we’re playing some outdated console… at least I feel like that. :laughing:

If i’m not mistaken there is some issues for Sony that was against free stuff that comes from outside sources or something like that. Sirrian gave some information about:

I’m not sure about XBox Redeem codes, but if @Sirrian, @Nimhain, @Andrew or @Saltypatra could take just a little time to enlight everyone on the thread it could avoid some unnecessary grievances towards the wrong targets…


You’re exactly right, and I think this is the reason that they went to the Web portal rather than having the redeem codes in-game. They just need to have that Web portal work with console invite codes now.

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I guess Sony has their reasons, (Sony y’all suck). How 'bout we get extra free stuff at the end of an event to make up for it? :relaxed:

Naw, I’m pushing it right?

As @jeno was implying “ahead” is a relative term. We PC players get the new shiny stuff first, but we also get the bugs and horrendously unbalanced troops.

That said I’d love nothing more to see everybody with codes! Codes for all! Wooooo!


I think the devs just didn’t had time to work out on the legal means for that. If you delve a little on Sirrian’s messages you will find this:

So at some point Redeem codes maybe were sort of a low priority since they had to remove it all from PC/Steam/Mobile and PS4, while in the meantime they already had their hands full with the Console Updates and catch-up as well as the recent issues with servers migration…

Right now the plea for Redeem Codes for consoles might, still, face a barrier… I can only assume that the game is in need of a few tweaks, and an update that usually takes quite some time to be approved, to make it all work with the overpresent bureaucracy of those plataforms.

They’re really not that good, and three of them continuously require you to do wonky team combinations. And if you don’t do them, they just remain the same regardless. Only the first of four actually changes every day.

Your forgetting the fact that it gives you something different to do everyday and keeps you logging in daily.

I would have much rather to have daily quests over the event system any day of the week!

Would you like to use enough treasure maps to get 2500 moves? or would you rather have to get 300 moves and then they next day have something completely different to do?

I know what I would rather.


Starting with the next update, we’ll have both, and you can pick and choose what you do, or maybe things will get really interesting and we can try to do everything at once!

I find it kind of fun to balance trying to combine daily tasks and do 2, 3 or 4 at once. Now we’ll be able to do that with weekly events at the same time. Sometimes it won’t work at all, but other times, it might.

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Gold bonuses keep me logging in daily, actually. Could give a rats ass about the one daily thing which typically gives me a glory key or two or a pittance of gold or a few gems. Sure, it adds up over a looooong time. But I play the game every day regardless.

It’s REALLY not as great as you try to make it out to be to have the daily missions. They could use some serious overhauling.

As for the maps - I’d probably prefer the former right now, give me more reason to keep going through my stock of them to generate seals.