Multiple account solution

Some of us have multiple gems of war games going on the pc/mobile and/or one of the console versions. Some of us have also settled on one place that they really want to play at. I know you can’t link up the accounts due to legal issues among the three competitors. would it instead be possible to move/replicate your inventory and VIP points to the gems of war game you want to keep and close down the other account(s)?

If so I think it should also be a one time deal too, as it would be a time consuming venture for the developers. Any thoughts on this?

I can’t speak to moving of accounts but I’m 90% sure you wouldn’t be able to move anything over that was purchased with real money (so no VIP levels, no Deathknight armor, no purchased traitstones, etc.) as the different ecosystems most likely don’t allow that (i.e. buying items outside of their platform to use on their platform because that cuts them out of the $$). So, while possible to code, it’s not something the platform owners would allow the Devs to do.

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true enough, still it would be nice to get whatever we could over to the version we have settled on playing.