Transfer my troops from my PS4 account to Android

I started off playing Gems of War on PS4 - with the same name as android/PC version, “Eika”. Then the last months I have start playing on android. Is there any ways that the Devs can help me with transfer all my troops on PS4 account over to my android? I’ve spended pure cash on the PS4 version also, as I buyed the big gem pack, and feel it is kinda wasted now, since I doesnt get use for the troops and the good ones that I picked up through the key I used for the gems. I prefer the android version, so I wont change that, eventho, I know it was a mistake by me to not starting this game on android, especially when I have spent money and like the game better on android/PC.


The PC/mobile servers and the console servers are completely separate. These accounts cannot be consolidated.

Will it always be like this?

As I understand it, yes. There is a thread somewhere that discusses this issue ( naturally I can’t find it right now), but I believe it had something to do with copywrite or some similar issue specific to the consoles. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I understand that it’s a permanent separation.

I had 12-13 differently Legendaries, even duplicates of Legendaries on my PS4 version. It’s a tough sting to get this message.

I’m sorry for your loss. I guess your options are to continue on the console or start over on your mobile. I know this probably isn’t any consolation, but mobile and PC accounts can be joined.

I have started over on mobile for a month now. Even got the 2+ magic on kingdoms, can you believe it? But such a big let down this is. :sob: :sob: :sob:

What I read was that the servers are being handled by two different companies, and those companies have different legal agreements. But also the console dev team has made a few alterations here and there; it’s not just a direct port. I’d be really surprised if we ever see the versions be combined at this point.

Sorry Eika. May luck bring you many legendaries today to soften the blow.

Thank you. :sob::cry:

The way I understand it. Two companies jointly own the same product.
If it makes you feel better, think of it like this:

  1. Store A and Store B both sell coca cola.
  2. You have been buying coca cola from Store A for over a month, and now you are switching to Store B.
  3. You want Store B to reimburse you for the cola you paid for in Store A…

So… as you can see, this obviously can’t happen, unless you can convince Store A to transfer the money you’ve spent to Store B… :disappointed:

So… yea… my condolences. But the good news is you’re now playing on the BETTER server. With faster updates and better support teams :sunglasses:

Yes, very sorry to have to confirm this.
Unfortunately, Sony and Microsoft will not allow purchases on their respective consoles to have any crossover with other versions of the game.

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Yeah, at least it’s understandable! Thanks for the explaination that is simply genius! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks, Sirrian, for the explaination!

i think its sony and microsoft not playin ball theres a few cross platform ps3/ps4 and pc games… or maybe thats the reason ff xiv time cant be bought on the psn store?

I know Warframe had the same issue. That’s why you could(for a short period) transfer your character to the console, but not any of there platinum(pay for currency)

My mistake, no worries, guys. I should had started out on the forum to get the right information, before I started to play the game. We can close this topic, thanks.

Why do you prefer the PC/Mobile version. Is it the fact that you can play anywhere? Or the differences in the gameplay? Because the console version is catching up the PC/Mobile version quite fast. The game is only been out since November on console. They just gave a notification yesterday that the new way keys are working in the PC/Mobile version is coming to console soon. I don’t know if it will be all the features. We will have to see. It is looking that way though.

Yeah, so I can play whenever I want. Also prefer to use console on hardcore games. I am sure consoles will catch up and be even better, so I will probably be back. The console version will always be differently than the mobile, since the consoles is more powerful. Means the DEVS has a lot more options and capacity to work with on consoles. Gems of War will be amazing some months from now on consoles, I am 100% sure, no doubt.