Why I don't play Treasure hunt


I agree with Razlath’s points. It’s all a bit ‘meh’ for me. Also I think it’s a shame that we can’t see what we are winning until the very end - and its gone in a flash even then. Difficult to do with the current model I know but TP needs a serious injection of 'wooo hooo !!! ’


I’ll make an odd post here to the contrary. @sirrian has said that TH is popular among the newer player base and it seems in general that the complaints are coming from older players. To them it’s a wasted feature or one with potential not being realized. I’ll say that it seems to be working as intended. Not every aspect of every game is designed for every player. This seems to cater a bit towards newer players. I’ll reference the Tekken series which has ten strings which are popular among new players because they require some knowledge to do and to defend against. Against high level players they are almost never used because they really provide nothing and open themselves up to getting hit.

I chalk it up as a mechanic for the newer people and leave it as that. I’d love if it was improved but seems to be working as intended now.


I vote for TH being made super duper good. New players get a stupidly good game, veterans get a better-than-current good game. And raise the price to compensate (it seems to have been dropped again this week…). Everybody wins!

I guess it has to be balanced against the 7-cascade being a guaranteed drop though…


Just as long as they purge all the hoarded treasure maps from people that haven’t been playing them.


Keep your hands away from my treasure maps!


Oooh, what if we could steal maps in invades? It would probably be really annoying for those who like to keep theirs, but an opportunity to steal one back in revenge would balance it out. More incentive to put up a strong defense, though. Hmmm.

It was an intriguing thought for a second there. I’d love to be able to steal maps from @melkathi :smiling_imp:


I’d rather steal the legendaries. Maybe the high tier traitstones.


Now that would be a particularly vicious twist. Guaranteed to make people hopping mad when their favorite legendary goes missing! And boy I think I’d probably break my iPad if I finally got my Crimson Bat and somebody went and stole him…

I like the idea of stealing traitstones better. Each time you steal gets the same chance of dropping, so when you revenge to steal it back you might get a better one!


Got 7 Gems in one game yesterday, which did put me exactly at 450 gems :slight_smile:


These not be simple maps lass. These be pirate maps. Arrrr.

And all that.

So you could steal them. But you’d steal their curse with 'em.


Why i don’t play treasure hunt?

well… because it doesn’t gives EP- Points. XD


I like TH as a fun mini-game, but it’s just not worth the time.

Echoing some of the above (sorry, too idle to quote things individually) I’d like to see:

  • gain EXP from TH based on length of game (# extra turns earned)
  • rewards to scale with player level (else e.g. I can get c. 2-3x as much gold from an invade as a good TH, and finish an invade in less than half the time)
  • high end rewards to include traitstones and even troop cards

That would be enough to get me playing.

I also think TH would be improved by:

For me, the 5x maps for 5x rewards idea doesn’t cut it much.



Developers are right that in a sense of new players maps are popular but for older, more experienced ones the benefits that the TH provides is rather small and not really worth the time unless you are lacking a couple of gems.


Have to say, as far as wanting to have ALL the extra turns awarded for the multiple cascades after the initial one… I don’t think that would be that wise. Hell, one game could literally last many hours! I personally think it’s fine as is, or if anything maybe throw in additional maps 7+ cascades, or other items such as Gems, Keys, etc.

I usually do well as it’s setup now, and can average 3-4K a game, and sometimes get a nice bounty at the end. The last TH game I played last night, I had 3 vaults, and I believe around a dozen red/green chest. Ended up getting 2 keys also, one of each.

Lastly, I do agree with the end screen disappearing way too fast! Not sure why it couldn’t be set up like everything else and just have a continue button? Just makes sense, and not sure why the auto closing is needed? Would help one to see what all they achieved, without having to try to snap a screenshot, which I’ve heard a lot of people here mention. … Just some thoughts.


My suggestion was only for one additional turn per 7 cascade, as well as one additional turn for making a 5-match.

Thus you could earn at most 2 extra turns from a single move. I think that wouldn’t break it, as 7 cascades are fairly rare…


That’s a great suggestion and sounds quite fair indeed. This way you get something back, and one won’t feel you lost all those ‘extra turns’ as people have stated. I just think if all the extra turns were indeed awarded, people would soon find that it would take way longer to complete a single session, not to mention take the challenge out of it all. … And of course, then some would just get angry when they don’t feel the rewards would match the longer time taken? :smile:

But I do hope they incorporate the final screen having a continue button and not simply disappearing so fast.


Added reward to making the big safes maybe? Get 2 big safes gets you a 50% bonus to everything? getting 3 gets 60% bonus.


@Jainus and @Digital_Dave has a point about getting extra moves from ALL 5 matches. The problem is that it’s still annoying when you try to set up a 5-match which then clears when additional stuff falls and that extra turn you could have gotten goes down the tubes. I can’t count how many times I’ve matched 5 in a way that would have set up an addition 5-match for the next move only to have it swept away in a cascade. It makes planning extremely frustrating.

It’s also annoying when you have a large buildup of good chests that you could really maximize rewards with, and they get taken out as 4/5 matches and give you relatively little in return, often placed in positions that make it hard to keep upgrading them. Basically, the biggest problem with the cascading is a lack of control over the outcome.

I think Jainus is on to something about having 7 cascades also get an extra turn, but maybe tweak it a bit with @Mariox’s idea of giving some other kind of reward, like a boost to your existing treasure or even allowing a high-end chest (green or red?) to drop out of nowhere in addition to what the cascade naturally creates. Whereas in normal matches you don’t care as much because all the gems clear, in TH you want your matches not only to render a good upgrade, but you want the resulting position of treasures to work for future matches, and sometimes the cascades really mess that up.


The 7 cascade in TH should give a gem key not a turn until the reward structure is overhauled.

And for the Heaven’s sake at least mute the yelling of extra turns when you will not get one.


I will point out that 7 cascades are much more common in treasure hunt than in the regular invade etc. games. Especially early in the game, when there is less diversity on the board, a match can relatively often trigger very long cascades. But yes, some kind of reward for triggering one wouldn’t go amiss.