When I play Treasure Hunt, I miss tributes

I don’t binge-play GoW, I play in snippets walking between things, in the bathroom, waiting in line. In a play session I typically finish a pvp battle or two. But if I had started a Treasure Map, it typically takes me 3 or more short play sessions to complete it – resulting in 1 or more missed tributes, plus a greater pile of gold for invaders to steal.

So, I’ve sworn off TMs unless I think I have time to finish one right now. But even then, an email or text will come in and I’ll get pulled away, and the next time I want to snag a tribute or check something about my troops, I have to finish the darn map first or lose the time I’d invested in it thus far.

Yep, it’s what many of us complain about. Treasure maps take too long for too little reward.

@MarvelKit I was actually making a different point.

If I could dip in and out of a Treasure Map in progress, in order to snag tributes, check guild chat, research my ability to create a team I just read about, etc – I would play it more without any other changes in time/reward.

Right. That’s also on many feature lists, to be able to go in and out of treasure hunt (and battles).