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Why do I start with 596 Points every week?

When we try to reach the magic 1900 Points for tier one, we don’t start at zero Points. Why is that?
Why not start at zero points with 1500 points at tier1?:confused:

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I’m new to the game, and certainly no expert on the matter, but I believe the reason you don’t start at 0 is so that you have room to fall, for example if you lose 3 points then you are below the start instead of staying at 0… just my guess not 100% sure as this is only my first week playing.

Yeah, I think it’s psychological.

You don’t start at zero, so it feels like you’ve made progress you actually haven’t. Plus, it’s really close to 600 points, so you get an “automatic” rank-up as soon as you win a match.

My theory is that it is so not every single player is on the same rank at the start of the week.

I used to always start on 589, but this week it was 592. My best guesses are that how close you are to 600 is based on either your score last week or your level.

I think it’s based on your current available points reward for your 1 trophie match?
Sor which ever fight you chose you’ll get to rank up.

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It’s a good theory, but it doesn’t make sense for those reporting 596 starting points - no one has 1 trophy matches worth only 5 points.

I don’t think it’s simply deduced from the points 1 trophies battle rewards. Maybe it’s the difference from win/lose that match? Idc all wild guess, but it stays a fact that first win always brings you to next rank.