How to get 70 points in pvp matches at lvl 1200+?

Since the osom matchmaking rework points gotten from pvp 3 trophy’s matches gone down the drain, now the best i can get (and most of ppls too from what i see in leaderborad) is around 50 points, maybe up to 55 but that is.

Today looking at the leaderboard seen someone at well over 12k points and not even 180 matches won, it’s actually 71,47 x match the ratio (some points from defs maybe even tho thoe are quite even as win/loss and not many either), at start thought was someone low lvl but actually is higher than me and past 1200.

Question then is, how do you get 70 points each match nowaday?

Ps: may be about bonuses (guild, kingdoms nd so), his hero stats are really low but dunno ;p

It is the bonuses from kingdoms, guilds, pets etc.
That person is likely to have joined / started a very newish guild or went guildless.

Yes, guild mostly seem matter, checked better and there’s actually quite some, and yes, either are in low lvl guild or guildless.

Guess i 've gone to a bigger guild at same time the rework got implemented and thought was it that caused the drop of points hehe.

Thx :slight_smile:

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