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Why can't there be good bugs

Why cant there be the types of bugs where gems don’t decrease on purchase or gold key mythics and such. Any more good bugs out there lol.

There are, but they get fixed super fast. Within an hour or two.


Some guild just dropped Xathenos in an LT. I’d call that a good bug.

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This would mean that the wrongly received Xathenos either gets taken away again from 30 players, or it massively diminishes the effort people put into actually crafting it. Either way, a terrible bug if you ask me.^^

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Why would it get taken away? It seems like a good bug, for anyone that gets it, until it gets fixed. I’d assume that’s true of basically all good bugs, no?

I know not long ago when they had the glory bug where it gave Waaaay more glory per battle than you should get, they went back and took away from the ones that intentionally abused it. The legendary task was different, it was accidental so who knows.

There was a bug not too long ago where everyone was getting like millions of glory. Those get fixed quick. But impervious will remain broken for about 4 years.

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Maybe if we reported the impervious bug something like “every time my impervious troop is devoured I get 900 gems in my mailbox”? Maybe get a different response. Lol.


They would just put in a “quick fix” that deducted 900 gems from everyone’s account every time a troop was devoured. Problem solved. :wink:


@Stan -heh- seems about how things go anymore.

The “good bugs” don’t get reported as widely. If you encountered a bug that gave you a gem after a PVP battle using a specific team, would you (a) announce it here on the forums, or (b) quietly use it yourself to maximize your gains before it is noticed and fixed?

Aren’t there any good bugs?
Queen Ysabelle. Fixed in the last patch.
They are still “looking into it” according to their usual code, to see “if the troop needs changes.”

Sadly, they never say these things at bugged devour that does need changes.