Why can't the troops from Guardians be in Hall of Guardians they share the same Crest

Why not put the troops from Guardians in with Hall of Guardians and delete the “Kingdom Guardians” from the kingdom list. Guardians shares the same crest as Hall of Guardians but is not on the map and it’s been over 5 years so why leave it in the filter but never added it on the map? I think it was a boo boo on the developers part and was over looked. So please add all troops to Hall of Guardians. You know all the Constructs from Guardians add them to Hall of Guardians.

And add apples to oranges next?

They are two completely different things.
The ones under Guardians come from guild chests (and as such should/would probably never be actual kingdom associated) and existed long before ones under Hall of Guardians which is the delve.

You suggest pooling them all together, then filter Hall of Guardian to do pure faction team and get bunch of invalid troops offered?

They probably might change the crests to be different but…who looks at them anyway when filtering troops? After years of playing I had to look just now to ascertain that there was actually a tiny picture next to the kingdom name because I was not sure about it.

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Because it wouldn’t make sense to have one special delve with 16 valid pure faction troops. There’s also other factors to take into account, like power progression (12 extra troops for Whitehelm means power level 33) and loot table shenanigans (pulling Guild Guardians with chaos shards).

For all practical purposes Guardians doesn’t really have a crest, similar to Apocalypse and The Vault. The crest only matters for kingdoms that are owned by players. The filter is still required, otherwise players couldn’t filter their collection by those kingdoms.

I’m quite convinced it’s intentional, Apocalypse, Guardians and The Vault don’t have a troop composition to even remotely qualify as regular kingdom. An Apocalypse kingdom week would actually be quite hilarious, each event key would be guaranteed to drop a mythic troop.


Primal too, for the seasonal Imps and nothing else.