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Faction Filter in Troop List

Would it be possible to add a filter to the Troop screen to show only Faction troops? I understand I can filter by individual factions/kingdoms, but I would like to toggle between Krsytara and the Underworld. Or perhaps allow for the selection of multiple kingdoms when filtering?


I’m unable to verify right now. But for now I believe if you search the word “Delve” in the troop search filter it should only come up with Faction troops. Since I believe (could be wrong) every single one has some sort of delve related trait.

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It’s a decent workaround, but I do think it misses a few troops. Legendaries, mostly, if I recall correctly.

few of them doesn’t have any “Deep (attack,magic,life,armor” ability, which gives boost when delving
but only a few (cant rememeber which ones -> would have to scout them all).

that’s a very good hint

79 of the 84 delve troops can be found by searching “delve”.
There’s one common troop who should probably have his cast renamed to “not a d3lve”. @Saltypatra
And the odd 5 should have their traits changed to be more like the 79 others.

Anyone with the time and desire, I’d be interested to know exactly which 5 are missing a “delve” trait.
Incase my math is wrong:
21 factions released times 4 = 84

I counted all the troops found from searching “delve” in groups of 8. I came up with 80. Minus the 1 common non faction troops. I did not look at every single troop to see if it’s from a faction or not.

I was curious so I took a quick look in the database. The five outliers are:

  • Chief Dargon (Khetar/Fang Moor)
  • Lady Morana (Sword’s Edge/Crypt Keepers)
  • Nightshade (Sword’s Edge/Crypt Keepers)
  • Silent Sentinel (Whitehelm/Hall of Guardians)
  • Spectral Knight (Sword’s Edge/Crypt Keepers)

So basically out of the first 12 faction troops to be released. 4 of them are out of the 5 that don’t have a delve trait in common. With 1 random 5 months later.

Yeah I think it’s just over sight on the devs end. They probably should all have a delve trait. Since every Faction troop released since March 2019 has had a delve trait.
But much like Doomed Club and Doomed Blade. Those troops were the guinea pigs. The devs realized that’s the wrong path. Made adjustments for the future. Didn’t bother to clean up the continuity issues with the guinea pigs. Typical I+2 logic at play.