Why are Celestials Used to Forge Arcanes?

I’m not sure if this should go here in the Request/Feedback area, but why are Celestial traitstones needed to forge Arcane traitstones (besides pure orneriness)? Every Arcane forging requires 2 Celestials. Yet, AFAIK, Celestials are MORE rare than Arcanes. They shouldn’t be required.

Probably same reason why it costs 2 Major traitstones to craft 1 Minor one, but costs 3 minors to craft 1 Major. And why you can technically convert diamonds into souls (this one they should really remove since it’s cruel for those who don’t know any better).

It’s not meant to be efficient. However, you can also craft a celestial with 100 of each jewel. If you’re not using jewels for weapons/pet food/deeds/summoning troops, you can technically use them all for celestials.

Also, arcanes are one of the easiest traitstones to farm. It’s only annoying because there’s a lot of them. Although not everyone is there yet, spamming Explore 12 yields at least 1 arcanes of that kingdom’s color per run, 2 if you fight the mythic boss.

As you said, Arcanes are one of the easiest to farm. I’ve got a team for Level 12 Explores and have seen at least two Arcane Traitstones on each such run through the Mythic Boss. So, normally, that’s not a problem. But, sometimes, when I see I’ll need 15 or so Arcanes in a Kingdom I really detest doing Level 12 Explores (Wild Plains), I glance longingly at the Soulforge and wish there were some reasonable way of forging my way out of that.

It’s all about temptation. A significant number of troops need at least one celestial traitstone for that last trait, and if the game can tempt you into burning celestials to get an arcane then you fall into the classic F2P trap of getting a short term benefit at a long term cost. Orbs of Wisdom and Ascension work the same way.

Also, if units became easier to trait then there would be less temptation for spend-happy players to purchase those “upgrade your new legendary/mythic troop immediately” offers. Although now that medals are a thing, those offers became a lot more valuable for the Anu/Nysha medal instead of the extra traitstones.


"Yield not to temptation, for yielding is lost gems or dollars

Each restraint will help you some other aspect of GoW to win;

Fight manfully onward, dark passions subdue;

Look ever to freebies[ rare] they will carry you through."