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Why are adjacent targets so inconsistent?

So, this is something that I have been noticing is rather inconsistent. I’m not sure why, but it seems that some effects which target “adjacent” targets (such as Parrot’s silence) can skip empty slots and hit the next one over, while others (such as Infernus’ damage) does not. Though, I am sure I recall seeing adjacent damage effects skip over for some weaker cards, and some status effects not skip. It’s almost as though each card individually either does or does not skip over empty slots.

Is anyone else experiencing this, and has there ever been any word on why this inconsistency exists? Is it a bug, or a specific design decision?

Yes I see this too.

No never been explained.

Most likely: it’s a bug, but devs don’t have time to fix it so they’ll argue that it’s intentional design or thematic. Like your example: obviously a parrot’s squawk would reach further than a volcanic eruption… :sunglasses:

If i am not mistaken that is an issue specific to parrot, i have never seen other splash effects hit anything unexpected, while parrot has always done weird stuff.
IIrc parrots’ spell has been changed shortly after release, or its spelltext, or maybe both, but it always behaved weird.