Order of effects

Just to give my feedback about some troops or spells where several effects apply or whose timing matters. I think it would be more “user-friendly” if there are some precision about timing of effects.
For instance Werebird: hunter’s mark before or after doing skull damage? (looks like it is always before, so you “always” do double damage)

Also playing in french, I suspect translation to reverse sometime the order of effects compared to english wording.


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Yes, you are correct.
Like Webspinner with web on skulls has the same effect (on its case 3x damage).

A very interesting standoff Silent Sentinel vs Rock Troll.
Rock Troll stuns when it does skull dmg, Silent Sentinel silences the enemy when skull dmg is done to it. The result rock troll sometimes gets silenced sometimes not.
I think all these traits should be applied after the skull dmg. Now they get applied before the dmg.