Parrot spell typo

**Platform, device version and operating system”
iOS, iPad Mini 2

Screenshot or image
No need

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
When firing Parrot’s spell, he silences all enemies below the target, not the two adjacent to him. I saw it happen multiple times, him silencing an enemy two or more spots below the target, with troops in between.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It’s a guarantee

Steps to make it happen again
Fire Parrot’s spell on the second enemy of a full team and have the luck of the 50% chance triggering

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I’m playing on Android and it seems it’s not “adjacent”, but “all”, because even targetting the third or fourth enemy can silence the first one.

(I’m not complaining, though! :slight_smile: )

So it is! Thanks for spotting that.
I just checked the spell, and I can see the problem. Nimhain has fixed it for us. I’m going to see if I can get someone from the team to deploy a fix this weekend… otherwise it’ll be updated first thing Monday morning.

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No! No! No!!!

Fix the text, not the spell. The spell works fine the way it is.


Fix it Monday. i will be finished with battles by then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Nimhain Polly wants a cracker, not a nerf.


Pluegh! I can’t take it anymore! If I gotta choke down on one more of those moldy, disgusting crackers… Bam! Whack!” -Iago (from Disney’s Aladdin)

Sorry, first thing I thought of. Lol.


Based on the nerf I guess it would be a saltine. I guess I’m not too surprised I guess that a silence nerf wasn’t met with a huge uproar.

In all seriousness though while it does suck for the purposes of an all bounty hunter team that he got nerfed, since these troops can be used elsewhere, a rare that could silence all enemies potentially is a bit much, especially since unlike the silent one, he is immune to silence and does not hit himself with it.

I’m more upset with the bounty hunters in chests mishap though as it shows the devs can work quickly on such matters. If it weren’t for troops like the totem guardian taking an extended vacation, I would accept the, it’s a simple fix excuse. Since they constantly fiddle with troop availability, issues like that should receive the same treatment. I get it that it was a bug, but given recent backlash about raids and invasions, would it have hurt them? This is the 3rd “BRAND NEW GAME MODE!” that was the same damn thing. The approach, shops, and feel are the same. A different restriction does not equal fun in a grindy game mode. If these rare troops were available right now in chests it would be fair and balanced as the whole can benefit, not the small few who have a distinct advantage without buying a few more shop tiers.

The fact that time and again the bugs that benefit players are easily fixed, it leads to one of 2 conclusions that are the simplest answers.

  1. Many bugs are easier to fix than the devs led on.

  2. Or the devs worked extra hard to fix a bug that helped us instead of bugs that hurt us or at least cause annoyances.

I would believe it was that simple, but simply put, the QA needs a good ass kicking or more people. Fixing a broken product is not a bad thing, but fixing issues that were beneficial, but FAR from game or economy breaking instantly while numerous bugs resurface or are made with each update continue to exist, which especially is bad given other like examples to this particular issue.

Now I know blah blah blah ftp needs new content and blah blah blah gw sucks as well as blah blah blah tier shops suck and so on, but you guys need to slow down. Update older game modes to have more balance and better rewards. Fix the bugs that either still exist or somehow come back like the life drain bug as a minor example. Also, reevaluate YOUR intrinsic value to gems as they do not match ours. We value them much more than you do as because of crappy rng, especially for the premium vip chests, spending a few thousand gems for a shot at part of a mythic sounds a lot worse than using them after your key stash for a new mythic in their debut.

I and many others have stressed this before, but the above was said because I like many players care about your interests too, but recent practices are making that way to hard as of late. I’m not quitting as I am a patient man and well, I bought up to 6, so may as well wait it out as I know you guys have talent. Which is why I will say this, not to hurt you, but because I care.

You can do better.

You guys have shown time and again the effort and talent working on this game. Clearly something must give as no one wants you to give up your personal lives for this game. You have to change the time schedule to not be at this breakneck pace for new content, if the 3 same modes are an indicator, it is robbing you of your natural creativity. There are too many bugs and while it is costly to do a longer QA process, goodwill is hard to buy with cash and takes time, but is so easy to burn through. I know others are liking the new modes concepts, but really, I think its more they hate the alternative, so make THAT better. Invasions were fun for me at least and raids were too monotonous. Maybe, a random suped up dungeon boss should be in order, (save uber gard for obvious reasons with ludicrous levels) or the zulgoth element changes each battle. People hate pvp for sameness, gw for sameness (at least a reason), sameness is the enemy in making new game modes. Vaults for example were creative, engaging and somewhat fun, even if gnomes are a bit too rare considering minor stone drops and such, but can still yield great rewards and are at no cost to a player so while 100 souls or 2 minor waters is well disappointing to get, its fun to hunt and do as an extra to typical pvp or explore. I do feel that if the tier shop prizes remain the same, gnomes need WAY more gems or more in tasks not as an entitled sort of way, more of a not in this lifetime will I buy 50 bucks or more in gems for a weekly event. For more on that, a few of us had went into great detail in the gw every 2 weeks theory thread. So more creativity that if it’s going to take time, make the rewards worth it and not p2w. Otherwise make them more optional like a vault or bounty for the raid and invasion. Or you could you know, just make new arena modes or treasure hunt maybe …please?

There is so much talking by your team about the economy, and while you have the raw data, recent activity shows either ignorance or spite of current reward payouts and gamer held intrinsic value. The new weekly modes are neat in concept but need better execution. When your value to resources and troops are negatively affecting new game modes you created and become more important than creativity, then that is a bad way to go. On a last note, soulforge recipes could be redone for arcanes and orbs. I also feel that if we cannot directly target the colored jewel troops then move it back to the older system where they were gem chest quality for that one color as if I’m going to gamble, I want to have a chance for good stuff. Since soulforge is more of a mid to end game goal, don’t feed me stuff about the new gamers as these new modes show that you overestimate their spending habits and overvalue your goods to them.

Good lord, another essay. So here’s another pun. Oh, wait I thought I had one but my head is all foggy. Oh well I guess I mist the opportunity.