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Why an IGNORE/MUTE Button Doesn't Solve Everything (w / POLL)

Its no secret that many of us are looking forward to an IGNORE/MUTE feature…more so now than ever before. While this is a great feature to have, there’s a huge drawback that is being overlooked. Since many will immediately and happily reach for that button to rid themselves of the 2-3 people that are seeking nothing other than to destroy the community with trolling, there will be nobody left to respond to the horrid “advice” that is being doled out to poor newer players! :open_mouth:

Wouldn’t it just be easier to ban these few bad apples from chat (and these forums) altogether? Why should the world be made to suffer these children, when a simple act of discipline would solve the problem for good? Should we get a “vote to ban” thread or feature instead? What do you all think? Would you prefer to:

[poll]- Hit a button for the convenience of not listening to nonsense

  • Sacrifice that peace in exchange for helping the inexperienced
  • Vote to remove the bad seeds, no ignore/mute needed[/poll]

Thanks in advance for any and all; comments, thoughts, criticisms, jokes, observations, or pictures of cats doing funny things.

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I never use ignore/mute/block/blacklist features on any website. Just ignore them mentally. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hard to ignore bad advice given to new players that will put them on a road to frustration and despair, though.

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Direct them to referable sources then. :wink:

I think we could have a few moderators that are not from the game staff to help them covering a few gaps during the day/night times since the forums can suffer an attack (like the last one with spamming bots) at any time and also help with troublesome users.

I vote,
“Report function in chat. Displays the users reported comment and their last 10 or so posts as well to staff.”

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I’d vote for the devs to ban toxic people from the community. I’d also vote for the devs to add a mute button, so that you can mute people you personally don’t want to be bothered with.

Do we have that many trolls on the forums? I haven’t noticed any. The global chat a few. More so I’d like a report button for inappropriate user names people use, and inappropriate comments.

I assumed he was mostly talking about global chat.

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I think the first poster I would use it on is the OP. So, no to all of his suggestions. Only the devs should be allowed to ban someone. And “bad advice” is relative in the extreme.

Also I’d like to add, “pictures of cats doing funny things.” Is that me?! :smile_cat:


Several games I’ve played didn’t have any options in chat. What we would do is send a screenshot of the chat to the mods. They would decide if banning was warranted.
Other games opted for 2 buttons, mute and report. These seperated works best. Sometimes you get an annoying person who isn’t breaking rules but is just plain obnoxious. Other times you want to keep an eye on someone who is clearly violating rules and being vicious.


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