Who got the biggest (total gold) donation?


let us know your total gold donation and how long you in the guild

I am at 425M in 789 days


Charlie Sheen after he had a great night of not doing the drugs people think he uses.


My second bet would be on Oprah.


Lol i think you wanted to post in the comedian thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah I’m good, but anyway

538k is decent, but like I dunno how to be impressed by that.

Decent definitely, but is 500k a day worth bragging about?
Not trying to be rude here just pointing out the fact that anyone can make 500k in an hour pvp’ing and that 538k a day is not that big of a deal.



I would like to know how you can make 500k in hour :slight_smile:


Not the biggest donation. :roll_eyes:

840 days in guild.


Still nice bro 840 day in same faction is getting rare these day


Maybe placing internet classified ads, working from home? :thinking:


I think a better competition would be who has been longest in a top guild and donated the least. That person got the greatest value for their playtime.


5k a battle vs firebombs in casual pvp? Did you not know about this?


Yeah but i don’t play casual and also 538k a day isin’t accurate i didin’t play every day

But it’s not the point, the milestone of 425M in the same guild was more what i was trying to point out


It is impressive, you did a good job.


Ty the reason i asked the day is because gow got released almost 1yr before console and i thought it would be nice to compare


Boys and their competitive nature to compare how big… things… are. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, i don’t have a fair chance to compare my contributions since i left my guild and the game once for a month or so… All my numbers were reset and i don’t remember it at all.


I’ve stayed in the same guild I randomly join since I started playing 1 and a half year ago, and I still haven’t reach 100M yet.

My weekly donation is just around 1-3 millions, but with Delve, I tuned it down to just 1.5M for now.


Pretty dang close to a million a day:

In my prior guild, which I had been in for 300 days, I had donated over 298 million, which is also very close to a million per day.


I’ma be a real bore here and just point out the fact that it doesn’t matter how much 1 player donates.

It matters how much the total of the 30/30 donates every week.

You can donate 10M every week and that’s impressive, but it’s not gonna beat the total amount of a guild in which 30 people donate 2-3M at least every week. (total 60-90m a week?)

You simply can’t beat teamwork.

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High five all my Leona and Sona Mains. :sunglasses:


113 mil in 1086 days.

Gaining gold hasn’t been a goal. I use to play a lot of arena.


It’s all good nothing wrong there :slight_smile: