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Just a question

does anyone know whats the most LTs any one person has done in guild over all platforms?

I don’t know about most ever.
But the highest I’ve personally witnessed was someone donating 50 million gold in one week.

Someone last xmas said they donated 100-150 million. Idk if that is the most.

I know @Fleg did 100m when he got his total guild donation to 1b. He shared the SS in the cool SS thread. There was another person who did 100m or more before the mailboxes combined them into 1 item so lots of members that were offline missed out on the the LT rewards because their mailbox got filled…that gold dump actually led to a positive change in the game.


ok thanks to everyone who answer back

One of my guildmates donated 102 million in a single week, several weeks ago. He started out with his usual 2 million gold on Monday, then dumped another 100 million a few days later to celebrate him hitting level 2000.

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@Freaky56 I saw one in SoA, 500 million in 1 week and his total now is in billions.

I’ve donated 50 million plus for LT 3 times in the past 7 months. Twice in current guild and when leaving my last. :sweat_smile: