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533k donated how much returned?

Quick question for top PC/mobile Guild members. The Guild update should be arriving on console “soon”. For those guilds donating 533k per week per player how much Gold is returned to the player in terms of all resources?

I just dabble on PC (I’m not in a top Guild)

Chests opened etc…
Thanks in advance.

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There is a list of everything you can get here:

Thanks! That’s a nice start. Now off to search for chest openings converting Keys into resources.

Q2. Do you really get 2,200 Gold Keys? I seem to recall reading a few posters constantly complaining to Sirrian until he changed some of the rewards (to Glory Keys?)

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the overall amounts listed at first are old (2,2k gold keys), but under each task-list there’s the correct amount


Oops! It does look like they reduced the gold keys and increased the glory keys.

I wonder if @Mithran would mind updating the original post in that thread? I have been keeping it bookmarked in anticipation of the guild update on console, and I’m probably not the only one.

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Bolded the part where the totals were changed and added the new totals.


Not to nitpick, but shouldn’t it be 360 glory?

@Stan, I kept track of what the payouts were for my guild this week and here is what my totals were after all minor tasks were complete :

Glory Keys: 396
Gem Keys: 63
Event Keys: 42
Gold Keys: 670
Souls: 5900
Glory: 360
Gems: 590
Maps: 9


It should. Fixed that too.

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I’d be curious to see your results once you’re done!

I am interested to know that too but havent found any threads detailing average resource per key type yet. Have you had any luck?

Gold Chest (10,000 sample)

Glory Chest (10,000 sample)

The other ones I found were spotty( or too small of sample.)


The gold amount is insignificant by the looks of it then

396 glory keys x 22 gold = 8,712
670 gold keys x 15 gold = 10,050
63 gem chests x ?? gold =

So, about a 3% (18,762 / 533,000) discount on donations by opening all the chests and recycling the gold back into guild tasks.

If you saved them up to make a run at a particular mythic it might be useful that week… probably take 3 months worth of maxing out the tasks though…