Who does videos, tutorials, content, gives codes, etc

Hey peeps :slight_smile: I want to make a video which points viewers towards all the other great players out there. Can you help me compile a list of YT players, streamers, code-giver-outers, etc?

I know there’s @Tacet, @JapanGamer29, Yours Truly, Konso (German), and ???

#Edit: ongoing list


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I did a video tutorial on tricks to get above 60 moves in TH, if that suits you. I did a few more, but hadnt had time to do more vids in a while.

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The reason I didn’t mention you @DonBoba is because your decks are very clever, very innovative, but I thought you only shared them privately with your Guild?

Oh, those videos that i share with my guild are erased soon after. And the reason i delete them is because in the video i talk directly to someone, so people might feel awkward while they watch a video and i talk to someone who is not them xD
I am all for sharing teams, and if i found a game breaking team i wouldnt mind sharing it with everyone :slight_smile:
And i also had codes, which i would probably have again if i get time to do videos again :slight_smile:


If you find a game breaking team we get first dibs!!!lol

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Is @Tacet still making videos? I used to see him post to the forums quite often but haven’t seen one if his posts in quite some time.

Yeah, Tacet still does vids, I am subscribed to his channel and get a notification almost every day.

Strange; I am still subscribed and used to get those notifications, too. Something must be wrong with my account

Yes, I still make videos. I just haven’t been posting them that much to the forum or Facebook as of recently, but I still do it every day on YouTube @ Tacet the Terror. I am streaming right now too giving out some redeem codes. :slight_smile:


PM me dude I have some hilarious ideas for some promotional stunts :slight_smile: