White helm as home kingdom

I have white helm as home kingdom with double tribute and double tribute chance so 20% each hour to receive 80 glory pts when i m connected and playing.
The problem is I watch now since ~10-15 days what i got from tribute and NEVER saw at least 80 glory as reward meaning that i got whitehelm tribute! we re talking about 20% chance not 5%.

Is there anybody with whitehelm as home kingdom who saw a 80+ glory in tributes?

Its so unlikely, im seriously thinking there is a bug here, maybe the x2 bonus for home kingdom not working? I had 40+ glory sometimes.

Im on xbox.

In part because the multiplier is already factored in when you look at your kingdom information. So that 40 you see is in fact what Whitehelm’s bonus is when you make that your home kingdom. 20*2.

ahh so the base value of whitehelm is 10 and not 20?
On screen its extremely misleading because its written 40 x2.

Select another kingdom as your home kingdom and you’ll see that 40 becomes 20. Yeah it’s a little misleading but view it more as the 2x bonus is enabled rather than anything else.

Yes, you re right. I have since long time whithelm as home kingdom with double tribute so i didnt remember is base value.

Thank you!

The x2 in that menu is a tag, not an actual multiplier.

Very misleading compared to the rest of the UI.