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Not getting triple rewards for a 7-Starred kingdom...?

Well, I 7-starred Whitehelm today, but it doesn’t appear that I am getting triple the rewards. Is it not firing correctly, or is it just a graphical error?

The base amount is 10 glory. How is 30 not correct?

The way it currently works on console is

Base value = 10
1 Gold star bonus doubles tribute reward = 20
Home kingdom bonus doubles that = 40

I would have expected the tribute to be 60 glory with triple tribute bonus

And it is. That’s what the x2 is for.

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No, it is correct. Apparently, I was half asleep or smog-brained when I posted this. I was thinking that the (x2) next to the actually value should have changed to (x3)…


On console it says “40 x2”

So the x2 bonus is already applied, it’s rather confusing. Interesting that it’s different for PC/Mobile.

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