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How does triple tribute work?



Does one have nothing to do with the other here? Cause if I’m getting triple tribute. Shouldn’t my tribute chance be x3?

There are two different pieces here

At stars 3gold/2blue Triple Tribute Award - is when you get an award from that kingdom it will be triple the amount – That means you should receive 180 glory (for your particular entry here)

The x2 right now on the Tribute Chance screen is because you have set Whitehelm Home Kingdom

The Triple chance (30%) does not kick in until you have 4 blue stars (9) Then that will change that to show 30% chance


Almost correct, as far as I can recall, the “60” is the triple tribute reward (mainly because I have double tribute reward and my Whitehelm screen says 40) so with Whitehelm being his home kingdom he will now get 120 glory whenever Whitehelm gives tribute.


That would be because you have less stars He still will have 180 (triple what is the tribute for that kingdom) -when it succeeded the 20% chance of receiving it.

Whitehelm’s base tribute is 10. By making it his home kingdom, it goes to 20. 3 gold stars doubles to 40 and 8 gold stars would triple to 60. That screen shows the fully adjusted amounts.


Aha, yeah, it turns out you are correct Stan, thanks for the clarification. They should probably ditch the little x2.

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10 - IF you have not set it to be Home Kingdom

If you set it to be Home Kingdom it goes to 20

X2 means he has set this to Home Kingdom - different than the power stars tribute bonuses that the stars give.

At 8 stars if you do not have Whitehelm set to Home Kingdom it is 30 Glory. The X2 is not present and the X2 Home Bonus is grayed out.

At 8 stars if you do have Whitehelm set to Home Kingdom it is 60 Glory. The X2 is present and the X2 Home Bonus is brightly present. Again it has nothing to do with the Power stars bonuses.

Now if he gets tribute from Whitehelm (at a 20% chance of success) he will receive triple tribute award from Whitehelm at 180

So the activity looks like this (From what I have documented Home Kingdom/8 stars/Completed Quests)

On the hour - You get your 1/24 of your daily base (For Whitehelm it is 445 gold / 60 Glory daily)

If you succeed in the 20% tribute success portion - you get 180 Glory.

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Why would it triple the tribute reward twice?

It’s not

again - Home kingdom is something specific. only 1 home kingdom And that means you get double what ever is BASE…

Kingdom Power is different that Home Kingdom.

Yeah, it seems to confuse more than it helps anyone. Or if they just showed the base number somewhere, that would be fine.

I wish they would show what kingdoms bring tribute each time.


Your calculations are saying it does.

Base amount - 10
Home Kingdom x 2 = 20
Triple Tribute Reward x 3 = 60

So that is the full reward which you are calculating at the initial screen before tribute. However, you are then reapplying the triple tribute reward for tribute calculation after that stage so you are saying 60 x 3 = 180 which is an extra calculation that shouldn’t apply.


Minor correction there, and I think we have the final data :slight_smile:

1 Gold star with Kingdom base is forty - just did that

before home kingdom / 1 grey star (10)

After home kingdom / 1 grey star (20)

After home kingdom / 1 Gold star (40)

So it goes base A x2 for home kingdom = B

Then at Gold star 1 doubles B

Then at Gold star 3 Blue/2 Gold (Power 8) triples B



As I understand, i think the amont showed on screen is final, it should be what you receieve when you get tribute from this kingdom, as all other calculation is already applyed already, just like stan said.

So… base is 10
Double to 10×2=20, Triple to 10x3=30.
—> If also home kingdom, double those amount (20,40,60)

I think 120 or 180 are result of extra calculation that shouldn’t apply.


Taisiakat [Crazy Old Cat Lady] is 100% correct.
Broken Spire base tribute:
Gold 200
Souls 8

Current Broken Spire tribute (2 blue stars = Level 8)
Gold 1200
Souls 48