Changing home kingdom

How do I change my home kingdom? Also, what are the advantages of doing so?

You change your home kingdom in the kingdom’s screen. On the “Tribute” page of the kingdom’s screen, there’s a button under “Set this as your Home Kingdom”. It costs a teeny bit of gold.

You get double tribute for your home kingdom, and it has a 100% tribute rate. Those are the only real benefits.

A large majority of the game has Whitehelm as their home kingdom because it has the largest Glory tribute, and it’s so easy to farm gold/souls it makes Glory “more valuable”. But in the big picture, home kingdom’s just another mechanic that doesn’t do an awful lot.


Thank you. Very helpful.

No 100% tribute rate (at least on Xbox). I received no tribute some weeks ago. And sometimes less than 60 glory when I receive only a few tributes.


Well, the UI is confusing so let’s talk about it.

The phrasing on the Tribute screen says “x other kingdoms gave you tribute”. You always get the home kingdom tribute, so it isn’t counted among the kingdoms that give it. When you got 0 tribute, you actually still got your home kingdom stuff.

And whether you should get 60 glory depends on several factors. The UI for mine shows 40 with “x2” next to it. The confusing part: this doesn’t mean I should get 80 glory. 20 is the base glory tribute for Whitehelm, and now I’m getting 20 * 2 = 40. If you can push it all the way up to 9 stars, it will go up to x3 and should be 60.

If you have pushed it up to triple tribute, it is your home kingdom, and you got less than 60 glory total from some tribute, maybe something went wrong. One thing I didn’t get to check as I just collected tribute: it’s possible the home kingdom stuff isn’t included in the “other kingdoms” screen. In that case, it’d take a sharper eye to detect if you got your 60.

All in all, it’s a confusing UI.

It IS a confusing UI, but the home kingdom isn’t a guaranteed pay-out. The bonus for selecting it is double tribute amount, but it is still subject to probability.


Yeah I agree now after watching a few tributes. You do NOT always get the home kingdom tribute. I thought that was part of the point.

So home kingdom has even LESS of a function than the already-trivial one I explained.


Yes, UI is confusing, especially for the x2 bonus for home kingdom. It leads to believe that we will receive 120 glory as its written 60 x2 when reality is 60. Also the addition of several tribute is calculating glory in a strange way because its possible to receive more than 600 glory in 1 time but if you calculate the total of the 33 kingdoms glory reward, its not even 500. (even with counting the 10% bonus from yellow statue).

But about the home kingdom giving always the tribute, on my French version, its not written that. Only that home kingdom will give double tribute. The probability is still written 30% and not 100%.

To check that home kingdom dont trigger everytime, you can check your glory total before collecting a tribute and check after. If you received a small tribute like 3 or 4 kingdoms, the total of glory will probably be under 60. So if for exemple, it show you received 40 glory, then if home kingdom trigger really all the time, then your total glory received should be 100 (40 from tributes and 60 from home kingdom Whithelm). But Im 99% sure its not the case.

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