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[Solved] Triple tribute rewards whitehelm kingdom?

I have a question, i have my kingdom on 8 stars, that should give me a triple tribute reward so in whitehelm its 60glory x3, but i only receive x2
Can somebody help me

Did you get a tribute where only Whitehelm gave tribute? Because I don’t know how you tell what happened when you get 2+ tributes.


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Ahh… thanks for posting those screenshots.

So Whitehelm is normally 10 glory. You are getting 30 glory from having triple tribute rewards from 7 stars. You are seeing the x2 on the screen because whitehelm is your home kingdom and so provides an additional 2x multiplier to all rewards.

So in fact you are getting 60 glory when Whitehelm gives tribute.


Oooo ok i though 60x 3, ok thank you for the help

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