Didn't receive double tribute

So this morning i got 1 kingdom tribute from Mist of Scales. My Kingdom Power for MoS is lvl 1.

So, i should have received double tribute right?, but in the popup the number shown was 125 gold, ? souls, ?glory. Should have been 250gold, ? souls and ? glory. (don’t know the exact numbers for souls and glory).

Would you be able to provide a screenshot of the kingdoms power level?
It could help better understand what’s occurring.

You raised to level 1 - silver star. Once you get it to level 2 - gold star you will get double tributes. At level 1 you get 50+ gold income.

Is Mist of Scales your home kingdom? That should be getting doubled. Otherwise, no.

Can you post a screenshot of your MoS kingdom Power page?

Actually i meant level 2.

I can’t, but you can check it in the database. Invite code: Royalty

Ok, so you didn’t receive double gold and Souls? Mist of Scales only gives Gold and Souls as a tribute. We’ll investigate the issue.

In the mean time I’ve given you the 125 Gold and 20 Souls you missed from have a level power level 2 in MoS.

I have the same question/issue. My home kingdom is Whitehelm ( the tribute is 20 glory from this kingdom), I have got it with 3 stars ( so there should be double tribute reward = 40 glory). My question is, shouldnt it give me 80 glory, as its the home kingdom of mine in this situation? Or I got it all wrong…

Edit: I changed my home kingdom from Whitehelm to other just for test and when received tribute it said that Whitehelm brought me 20 glory ( even tho its with the 3 stars and tribute should be doubled). It seems to me like the double tribute reward bonus doesnt apply at that certain kingdom. I have all kingdoms with " double tribute reward" and from my observations I can say the problem is only with the Whitehelm, the rest brings me proper amount.

I think its 10 glory, doubled and doubled to 40

Oh yeah, you are right. Nevermind then, all seems fine. Thanks