Pridelands tribute reward is slightly unbalanced


I made a spreadsheet to track my kingdom progress so I don’t have to keep clicking in-and-out of different kingdoms. I also used it to analyze the numbers a little bit. In doing so, I found that the Pridelands tribute reward is slightly more favorable than every other kingdom.

If you look at Khaziel, Khetar, and Whitehelm you can establish a currency ratio of 250:10:40 Gold:Glory:Souls. Using that ratio, you can derive the value of each Kingdom. Converting all kingdoms to only gold is as simple as Gold + (Glory * 250/10) + (Souls * 250/40). Every kingdom is valued at 250 except Pridelands is 275.

Maybe I’m missing something and this is balanced out in some other way? But, it doesn’t seem that way…

Here’s my spreadsheet:

Pridelands vs Suncrest tribute?
Pridelands vs Suncrest tribute?
Kingdom Bonuses Guide (updated to 2.0)

Whoa, I think you’re right, and I never noticed it before. That means Pridelands (for now) is arguably the best kingdom to level for purposes of resource farming.


Meh I’ll stick with my 160 souls from khetar :slightly_smiling:


Interesting spreadsheet! Would you mind uploading a template?


Here ya go. I’d like Tribute % and Tribute Rewards to be calculated automatically based on Power Level but as you can see I’m new enough I don’t have know which Power Levels unlock the rewards. I’m sure I could find them if I looked… just haven’t bothered. If anyone would like to just tell me… that’d be cool. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! Not sure about the power level required either…


Double reward on first gold star (thats power level 2, silvester star being power level 1) and double tribute chance is on 3 gold stars (that being power level 4).


Right, I mean the raw power level to get the stars. 600 = Silver Star, 1200 = Gold Star, ??? = 2 Gold Stars, etc.


Power requirements for power levels :
lvl 1 : 600
lvl 2 : 1200
lvl 3 : 1700
lvl 4 : 2100
lvl 5 : 2400
lvl 6 : ???


Thanks! … Updating template.


Template’s updated to account for power levels.


Haha, please never happen. xD


Hum, there is a lvl 6, lvl 6 = 5 gold star (lvl 1 being one silver star).
I just don’t know the number ^^'
May as well ask @MrSammy, he should have at least one kingdom at power lvl 5 by now


Oh, it’s 2,600.


Huh, I hadn’t noticed this but you’re spot on, Pridelands is worth 10% more than the others.

Added this note to my guide: Kingdom Bonuses Guide (updated to 2.0)


Wait, doesn’t that mean you can’t max out a kingdom unless you have at least 8 troops?


Yes. 8 troops full ascended, level 20, and all 3 traits on all is the exact amount for a maxed kingdom. A 9th troop makes it a lot easier, but no kingdom with 7 troops can be maxed.