While im waiting for 2nd preview

wich will come first the preview or my completion of watching this entire video?..will i survive?


Your completion of watching the video will come first, and no you won’t survive :stuck_out_tongue:

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is there going to be another preview before release of 2.0?

Nimhain indicated that there would be in another thread, but darned if I can remember where it was.

you are right its under 2.0 preview stating they would cover some more topics next time.

Soooon TM :smile_cat:


I managed 45 seconds and then I had to chew off my own left leg…


@Nimhain When ® :sunglasses:

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Finished recording footage for the next preview video. Just need to edit and add voice over.

Soon TM!


Does that TM stand for ToMorrow now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also looks like it is another video and not a blog post! \o/

Wonder will we be blessed to here your voice again :innocent: :smile:

Alas no, I’m not going to be in the office while it’s being recorded.

This makes me a sad puppy :crying_cat_face:

This is getting a bit creepy…

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I’m just joking mate. .

damn it still isnt up? :sob:

@sirrian had to spend extra long in hair and make-up this time… :stuck_out_tongue:


Came to make the same complaint/comment and fighting to be patient hah.

Winter is coming. He’s at the wall rallying the troops for the onslaught!

My guess is that @Sirrian has no accent at all and it takes a lot out of him trying to put on a convincing Aussie accent. :stuck_out_tongue: