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New Kingdom Sometime Soon™

@Nimhain changed her avatar and it’s a sweet pirate captain/queen! :smiley:


New Kingdom Soon ™


Title is massive click bait.


Good point - it wasn’t intended to be, so I’ve toned it down somewhat.


This is in spoilers, and i think you noticing that nim changed her avatar, is in itself a spoiler for the next kingdom. So how much booty do you think we will get on the poop deck of our sea-whale when the new kingdom arrives. (pirate puns ahoy)

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Mine is cooler than yours! Ay-ay I am Captain Saber Tooth… :sweat_smile:

Well next small update should be in about 2 weeks so that’s probably when the kingdom will hit :slight_smile:

New kingdom will most likely release after the next update. (No official ETA for that yet).


We will surely have a pirate ship background :grinning:.
@Nimhain: Clyde is looking for you ;-).

Yay, looking forward to the new kingdom then… Pirates? Must be an island area methinks… ooh me timbers are shivering…

Sorry devs, but no one can do sexy pirate chick better than Lindsey Stirling.


I’d probably do sexy pirate chick pretty good. .

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A pirate chick playing violin? Eh?

Just checked her, can’t imagine her as a pirate but she’s cute.

this is the problem, btw. Just… the natural, unthinking assumption that, of course, the best and most pertinent modifier for a lady pirate is ‘sexy’.

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I was thinking,deadly for female pirate, or sly, or underhanded, or untrustworthy. Those all have negative conotations to them howevr sexy has few to no negative conotations because sexy can be powerful and threatening.

If you run across some sexy pirate lady and have problems with them, send them to me, I’ll deal with them.

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Pirates are criminals.

Like, they’re cool criminals but they’re criminals.

Also, sea-whale is redundant.

I think you meant to write, “They’ll deal with me.”

Bet it’s way more fun to be chopped into pieces by sexy lady than an ugly one, though. So win!


If I ever get to chose a way of how my life will end, being delt by a sexy pirate lady sounds like an excellent option.
Death by snu-snu!