Nimhain voice in video


I was wondering how many of you would love to hear @Nimhain saying a few words in the next video? :slight_smile:
I know j would, even gave out a suggestion of what she could say in another topic :slight_smile:
I still love you too @Sirrian :slight_smile: don’t worry :slight_smile:


Those enlarged letters supposed to have # in front but forum doesn’t want to cooperate with me :unamused:


(cough) stalker (cough) just kidding @DonBoba


Naw mate, let em keep doing their jorbs.


But, but I’m not asking much just a simple hello :cry:


You can do it in italics, bold, or after either effect:
#yes #yes #no
#yes #yes #no


Thank you good sir :slight_smile:


Not saying no to the idea, just saying, let’s not have people use valuable dev time if not necessary.


I want to hear @Nex’s vioce cause he/she/it name wise sounds spooky.


If I had a dollar for every time somebody said this to me …


How much money would you have?


Enough to afford a spooky voice modulator, that’s for sure.


Can we get you to voice a video for the xbox version please?


Love to, but that seems unlikely. I can’t recall us ever making videos for the console games, and if we were to make a video, we’d probably want to hire somebody with legit VO experience.

Plus, if I were going to record VO for a video, they’d have to let me out the damp cage in the basement that doubles as my work space. The last time they let me out I punched a baby in the face, so I doubt they’re going to give me another chance.

(In my defense, it was a very ugly baby.)


That was a mirror…


Hm. That explains a lot. It was strangely tall for a baby.


This thread seems to have gone rather off the rails… And it was already quite odd to begin with…

I think it’d be great to hear @Nimhain’s voice on the video… Some nice variety from good ol’ @Sirrian droning on…


If anything let’s hope that at some point the game will marks it’s presence at some event where we could meet (at least in video) the developers. Maybe some lucky felas could even meet them personally. :slight_smile:


Or can we hear Sirrian sing the land down under