Gard's Avatar Voice Actor

Is it just me or is Gard’s voice (sound effect) the same as the announcers (mana surge guy}?

If so, you’d think he’d at least try to tweak it/change it a little bit for Gard, lol.


Maybe Gard IS the mana surge guy?! :open_mouth:



It does sound similar, but I can’t work out what he is actually saying. Can anyone enlighten me? It sounds like “something something something the master”.

“And now these souls can finally Rest?”


As always, Ashtender to the rescue! You can hear it from the “Spell” link - “*thudbang* Now these souls can finally rest”.


Oh, I knew Lyya had access to the sound files, but I didn’t know they were there for all to hear!

Usually when I cast Gard, there are usually so many explosions, and brimstone falling from the sky, and enemy troops crying out as they die, that the voice kind of gets lost in the mix.


And I play so much of my time with the sound off, I thought Gard was just a big, strong mute! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, I was also unaware of what he was saying, so that’s pretty cool!

However, I wonder if @Lyya or maybe even @Saltypatra could shed some light on it being the same voice actor? At this point it’s more out of pure curiosity that I wanna know, hah.

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I always leave the sound on, just so I don’t have to adjust it to hear Imp of Love, or Hobgoblin’s attack, or Ranger dying. But now that I can just go to Ashtender, I’ll probably just spend the rest of the day clicking “play” over and over.

Wait, the death noises aren’t on Ashtender. Still have to play the game apparently…

Your guess is as good as mine, @Raphius. I don’t work for Infinite or 505 or any other company associated with Gems of War! If you’re going to get an answer, it’ll be from @Saltypatra.

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How long have the sound files been on your site? And is there any reason that you didn’t add the death sounds?

I’m not demanding/requesting anything - I am just amazed that even after all this time, there are still features I didn’t know about!

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When they are ready to expand, you should be on the top of their list!! :wink:

They’ve been on there for a very long time now, I just do a poor job of advertising their presence.

I didn’t add the death sounds because it just felt a bit…macabre? I can add them if people are passionate about it, I suppose…


I’m as passionate about the death sounds as any of them, but my absolute favourite is a hero death. Before they randomized them, it used to only be the male wargare/raksha heroes that made it. It sounds like Jerry Lewis being stabbed in the neck. You know the one…

Don’t go to any trouble just for me, though.

lol @ jerry lewis being stabbed in the neck. Never thought of it that way but it’s perfect

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I like Elspeth’s cast. Euwww, get away. Or whatever it is. It should be ‘Euwww, like go away’ I think that fits her persona better. Can’t stand the amira one though.
It’d be a nice option to increase the spell cast sound in the menu and dial down some of the other noises. I can hear gard’s voice better through my headphones but it certainly can get lost in the mix.

They do re-use far too many sound effects though.

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War has an awesome cast and select voice.

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I’ve got three of the buggers, I should get em all lined up… Waaaaarrrr. I can’t even recall what he does!