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Waiting eagerly on preview

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Come on @Sirrian you know you want to post your preview today :slight_smile:
It’s already later this week, and I can’t wait :slight_smile:
Everyone jump on the hype train, ride is free, and ill be handing drinks to everyone :tea: :coffee: :wine_glass: :cocktail: :tropical_drink: :beer: :beers:


or maybe a lil sneak preview - just some hidden tips that everyone can run crazy on guessing what it could be :smiley:

such hype


What will happen if we don’t get a preview by this weekend.


But, but, but sirrian said it will be later this week. Sirrian never lied to us. I really expect to see it today, tomorrow at most.

You are probably right, assuming they don’t work in the weekend.

Remember, their deadlines can change too. We’ve had a few times where they had to fix a hot issue to keep us playing or meet a submission deadline for the new patch, and push things like previews back a few days.

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Don’t rain on the parade with your silly facts and reasoned arguments! Hype train ho!


I’ve been recording footage for the preview. We just need Sirrian’s voice recording before we can put it together…


\o/ Great news! So hopefully tomorrow? :smiley:

Nah, you can do that yourself. Bet you sound cool enough. :slight_smile:

I bet many of us would like to here your voice too :slight_smile:
Maybe in the next video you could say:
“just wanted to say hi to everyone from me too. Also Don Boba is sexy and awesome guy!”

Ok while the second part is true, you don’t have to say it :slight_smile:


Yay for a teaser video soon… And that’s my definition / the Oxford English definition of ‘soon’ not the @Sirrian™ definition of ‘soon’…

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@Nimhain still nothing? :cry:

Soon ™

We had some footage we had to redo.




seems like we are all a little bit hibbely diddely hobbely wobbely :smiley:

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And the video is out.