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Where the heck is Gargantaur and Abynissia

Campaign Gold task 16 Gargantaur - where is he? the game takes you to shattered lands and his picture is literally on the Challenges tab… and he is never in the matches what am i doing wrong? I am tired of running these over and over.

Also Abynissia silver task 1 same thing literally her picture and she never pops.


Both Gargantaur and Abynissia were featured as fights in their respective World Events during that campaign week, making them slightly easier to find at that time.

Your best bet now is either to find them in PvP or to play explore matches and find them in their kingdom’s mythic battle.

Gargantaur is still available for slightly less than 9 hours in this World Event.

I haven’t actually tested it, but you might be able to try getting The Possessed King to force spawn both of them, since they’re both demons.


I think you will find that many players have helpfully placed Gargant in their pvp lineups. Check casual pvp…such as this one I just found

Explore Grosh Nak 12, final boss battle has gargant.