Where is the shiny keys?

anyone knows ?how I can get it and where i can get it?

Players can earn Shiny Keys from end stage rewards in weekly events, or from new weekly event offers.

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If you actually read the 7.0 patch notes, it explains how and where to get them.

No need for the snarky response. Dude asked a simple question. Maybe he hadn’t read through them yet.


you are very right my friend , but for not-speaking english players it’s a hell to read that patch notes !!!


They could release the patch notes in all the languages the game offers. A bold suggestion, I know.

That would be work and/or cost extra money. And it would probably still be difficult to read because of all the translation errors that would be in there.

I played a game and the company used the players for 3 jobs (helper (in game and forum, moderator in forum and corrector in games). And pay those people with the game money (here gems).
Helpers and moderators are possible in gems of war. It’s not influencing in game. Just a couple of gems per month. But those are present to help the players with the confidence by the devs, and can clean the easy question and submit to the devs the difficult questions…
Of course, are less people for the tickets and more money to translate or other

I live in a poor country , language not supported , i know !