Parts that do not wish to be updated(4.3)

I saw 4.3 Update notice“will limit Spoils of War purchases to 10 per week”.This means a significant reduction in the number of event keys.
I don’t know what that means. It just makes the players more trouble.
It makes it easier to repeat the mythic.simultaneously,My guild was great and recently gave me six myths, but five of them repeated, which was annoying.Players hope to get cards more accurately rather than repeat them all the time.
Why deprive the player of the right to use the resources reasonably?

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This feels like the trope “devs can’t give without also taking away”. :confused:

It’s also weird since potions were explicitly stated as “to help new players participate” but this feels like a change made explicitly to make it harder for new players to acquire resources.


They should put a daily limit of 10 then, never weekly.
The main reason that I accumulate Glory now is that I can obtain more Event Keys.
If I will be limited to 10 keys a week, I am seriously considering just quitting Gems of War.

The issue with the Weekly Kingdom/Event $5 weapons, and now this…


Post-nerf players will be capped at 43 Event keys per week, but there’s an easy way to get another 85 per week…

It’ll only cost you $100 USD a week. That’s quite a deal, no?


P2W then. It’s finally P2W!

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Apologies as my estimate of 43 per week didn’t take into account rewards from events like Raid Boss. For a guild that can clear Portal 6, players will get an additional 10 keys. Sorry about that.

I also don’t know if the weekly special I pasted above is always for event keys, so I might be wrong there too. I hit the X whenever the ad pops up without looking at it.

The limit per week is pretty terrible. I’d rather not be able to purchase more than one at a time, but keep them unlimited.


Not yet. there is still plenty of ways to get free event keys
Guild tasks
Legendary tasks
Raid boss
Vault keys
Event Gems
Buying them with gems

Possibly invasion, ToD, faction events etc but I can’t remeber which ones have it

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How so???

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In my guild, newer players don’t spend glory on Spoils of War, they spend it on the weekly glory troop to get arcane traitstones


It’s hard for a late-game player or one with a good guild to see.

But if you’re a new player and your guild isn’t racking up LTs, event keys are a decent way to get a shot at a particular mythic. A lot of players spend glory almost exclusively on Spoils of War so they can hoard event keys for weeks where the mythic they want is available.

This is easy to lose sight of once you get enough of the staple mythics you stop worrying about event keys. The only thing I use event keys for are legendary releases. The only thing I use glory for is the weekly troop. So obviously this doesn’t affect me very much.

But it’s going to be really unpopular among the bulk of the kind of player who doesn’t post here a lot. We already see one complaint. I’ve already seen several in private Discord. Once it actually drops and people who aren’t here see it, we’ll see more.

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I don’t see how with LTs you can shot a particular mythic :thinking:.

It seems a pretty good reason for devs to do this nerf: event keys should not be farmed that easily for getting Mythics (else who wants gems for getting them?). Their game, their rules.
Maybe they should remove Mythics from the Event keys :thinking:.


Of course, people who have everything, don’t care about new players or beginners.
This game should take into account such players. There is no way to catch up to them, and thus, new players will always have significant or even huge advantage over others. That’s to be expected.

However, Gems are fairly limited now, and if you’re out of Gems, you’re pretty much screwed, because getting more would actually require or imply that you need to use real money.

I hope you’re kidding. If not, then you’re not being objective.

You can get Event keys from LTs, and then spend them when a Mythic you want is available as part of the “kingdom of the week”, to target that Mythic.

I just don’t imagine how many event keys a new player can farm in a week with SoW… Honestly, I never got a Mythic from event keys… but I’m a casual event chest opener.
For me it’s normal that if someone is given you free stuffs every week, he can choose to reduce what he’s giving to you if his situation has been modified.

You know that we were given by week much more resources through Guild tasks (I take this example as everyone were concerned)? It’s always unpleasant, but we don’t have choice, as devs don’t have it either.

Yeah that’s a F2P. If nobody buy anything, devs cannot pay themselves.

Just notice that devs could have chosen this nerf better than limiting the number of purchase by week (if “too easy Mythic with event keys” is the main reason of this nerf).

Let’s just call it what it is, because part of the argument is we’re disagreeing on terms.

Right now, it is true that:

  • Gems are a finite resource unless you spend money.
  • Glory is a farmable resource that only has a theoretical cap on how much you can farm.
  • Both gems and glory can be converted to event keys.

So based on this, we can say the cap on event keys per week is “effectively infinite” because a farmable resource could convert.

So we are changing from:

“Event keys are a farmable resource limited only by time.”


“Event keys are a resource with a hard cap on acquisition unless you spend gems, a finite resource.”

It is what it is: a conversion of an infinite resource to a finite resource. We “get” potions and multi-buy, but in return we “lose” a farmable event key.

How many new players are able to do enough PvP battles to get enough glory to have a chance at a mythic? It’s 9k glory for 50 event keys and to have a decent chance at a mythic it’s 500+ keys which would be 90k glory. New players don’t have enough kingdom stars to get glory from tribute every hour like late game players do and they are probably in a guild that doesn’t have their brown statue at 100 so are missing out on a glory each battle there as well. New players are more likely to go for glory troops instead of event keys. They give arcanes to trait the troops they are using and also trait troops for kingdom power.


In any case, it does reduce our options.Dev Instead of doing this thankless thing, think about how to consume the player’s extra cards, souls, and treasure maps.

I agree that limiting Spoils of War has little to do with newer players.