Parts that do not wish to be updated(4.3)


We are very close to the energy system…
I won’t be surprise if in couple update we will be limited to do 5 pvp fights then wait 1 hour or buy energy with gems to be able to do more fight.


Their reasoning for capping the Spoilers of War pack seems to be based on how much more abundant glory is now compared to when the bundle was released. The Spoilers of War pack was released prior to:

  • 2x game speed
  • 4x game speed
  • Guild statue giving extra 1-2 glory per battle
  • Hero class giving 1 extra glory per battle
  • Event troop giving 5 extra glory per battle
  • Battle crashers occasionally giving 5 extra glory per battle
  • Glory Gnome
  • Vault Keys
  • Legendary Tasks
  • And probably a few more methods I forgot about off hand.

All of those glory accumulating methods stack and were not present in the game when Spoilers of War was released.

Other things have also scaled some with the higher amount of glories. For example, new weapons when they are available for glory currently cost 1,000 glory. When the game first started, they required 80 glory, which took nearly one whole week to earn it once.

I would rather see them do what they are doing, in which they keep the cost the same, but put a cap on it, rather than it increasing to something like 1,000 glory each Spoiler of War with no cap, as that would be too much for newer players to afford.


We get it, okay! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We might not get there but for me it’s clear the plan is to give us less and make us spend more.

I will keep playing untill i get no more ressources and when it will happen i will just say goodbye


Spoils of War* :wink:


I’ve actually always called them Spoilers of War without even noticing that. XD


They don’t call @Tacet Master of Misspelling for nothing.
He earned the tittle fair and SQUIRREL


So the hypothesis is, that people who previously were spending glory on event keys, will suddenly start spending gems on event keys?

Seeing that a gem key is equivalent to an event key in terms of mythic drop rate, the only “end-game” use for an event key is to get a particular mythic which you do not have. But, event keys are much more expensive than gem keys. So in terms of economy if you’re looking to increase your total number of mythics, it’s more cost effective to spend gems on VIP or gem keys, if you were to spend gems on any sort of key.

Event keys will have become so valuable, that they could suffer from the “Too Awesome to Use” trope. Their only purpose is to “catch-up”, and since you need like 500+ to even have a shot at getting the mythic you want, you need to hoard them for months. But by that time, you may have already farmed the 4000 diamonds to just craft the thing outright.

Going for the flashy new legendary troop is a diversion, and as a community we have to tell people for their own player power, it’s best to hoard the event keys and never spend them, unless it’s like Irongut, Ubastet, Megavore, or Infernus week.


on the last Legendary-event, I’ve used 500 event keys only to get 1 copy :sob:


I wonder if they even accounted for this when deciding to go for the throat with this nerf. Saving up 500 Event keys (in an ACTIVE guild) will take around 10 weeks, not counting any keys from LTs because of how random they are. It currently takes what, 10-12 weeks to save up enough Diamonds to craft a Mythic, if you don’t buy the daily pack for 50 Gems? At that point, why bother blowing precious Event keys trying for a Mythic when you can wait a little longer and have resources to craft it outright, and save your Event keys for new Legendary releases?

I suspect it’s only a matter of time before someone does a cost/benefit analysis on how many Event keys it’s “wise” to gamble with before you quit spending them and just wait for the new Legendary to show up in the Soulforge, too. With a severely restricted resource there will be a focus on preserving one’s supply at some point.

Of course this is still only thinking short-term. Maybe the long-term goal of the Event key nerf and to really turn the metaphorical screws is to go back to regular New Kingdom releases?


If there are more new kingdoms, then spending gems on event keys becomes less of an issue. Each kingdom at 9 stars awards one gem every 3 collections, on average. That adds up if you’re addicted to pushing the flashing gold icon.


How much does it take to farm 180.000 Glory (1000 keys = 1 mythic)? … Really stupid

Can someone do the maths here?

If you play really, really actively you can get a mythic with VIP keys in two weeks…but then it’s random again


You can’t get any VIP keys, unless you’re VIP 5. This means that you have to spend over $135.
Yes, you have to pay to get access to those chests. You cannot get them for free, except once or twice in a year during the Calendar event. Oh, and after that, you need to spend Gems.


Furtive spin.

The impending nerf to the Spoils of War is simply another strategy to promote player purchases (alliteratively yours :wink:).

Other than the per click limit, I’m pretty sure no one in the player base was really screaming for a change to Spoils of War.

So, why not leave it unchanged, and just implement the addition of Commons and Rares from kingdoms to be included in Event Chests? That’s enough of a nerf, isn’t it?

I believe the publisher of this game feels that it isn’t, and that’s why I don’t necessarily hold the devs entirely accountable.

You can still (sorta) play this game entirely F2P, which is admirable. The addition of this cap just makes it a much, much longer process. :expressionless:


I’m guessing someone somewhere got it in their head that the reason people don’t buy Spoils of War more often is the inconvenience of doing so (excessive clicking) and that very inconvenience was a sufficient regulatory feature up until now.

They don’t want people spending all their Glory on Spoils of War. They’re worried it would hurt Gem sales if less people are stuck facing spending their Gems on Event keys. People have been clamoring for a multi-purchase feature for a while now, but implementing one would mean there would be a sudden flood of Event keys landing on player accounts because it would actually be easier to blow through 50,000 or 100,000 or 200,000 Glory now…and that’s just not acceptable. I suspect that the existence of large surpluses was only tolerated up until this point specifically because people didn’t spend them.

Now they’re implementing a vehicle to make spending them much easier, and they’re panicking over their bottom line…because everyone who hoards resources is going to open up the ol’ wallet the moment they’re in a pinch for resources, right? I mean, heaven forbid players be allowed to spend their legitimately-earned resources.


Well said. That’s the main reason.


SoW nerf to 10 a week is outrageous :roll_eyes:
10 a day I could see and be ok with ,but 10 a Week! Come on :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Keep all threads going if u don’t want the nerf . We kept talking about the hero change fee being taken away and we eventually got it . Talk about it in here, globals, streams, GoW community discord
Reddit, Facebook,
Everywhere. Post all links in your guild’s discord servers so it’s easy to find . We can do this people :sunglasses:


I am okay with a 10 a day limit, but not a week.


I think 10 a week is fair. Glory is so easy to get now and we shouldn’t be able to farm that many keys a week.


When you are short of a few myths and you have to wait a long time, you will regret that you do not have enough support.